chapter 12

Question Answer big-earnings theory from the hedonist view that people who work heard or who make sacrifices for others deserve material rewards carpe diem Latin phrase meaning "seize the day"; a major hedonist creed which advises us to live for the moment and amass all the pleasures we can epicureanism based on teachings of Epicurus, […]

chapter 11

Question Answer altruism the quality of acting out of concern for the welfare of others rather than one's own capitalism economic system based on Adam Smith's philosophy that if people are allowed to make as much money as they can, others will profit also categories according to Immanuel Kant, mental "compartments" that we are born […]


Question Answer the way government handles its money and goods economy worth in money value wealth that is owned and used by one person or a group of people capital an amount of money that is more that the original cost of something profit food, water, shelter needs Master / Slave relationship socialism Government owns […]

chpts 10

Question Answer agnostic one who believes that we can't know for sure whether God exists athiest one who believes that God can't logically exist atman In hinduism, the individual soul that is part of a universal soul Brahma in Hinduism, a godlike personification of the creative principle of the universe brahman in Hinduism, the name […]

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Question Answer location describes where something is located on earth place the human and physical characteristics of earth region the similarities you may find in a place human- environment interaction the way people change a particular place movement how people, culture, beliefs, and goods got to a place latitude imaginary lines that run east and […]


Question Answer Which state has a climate suitable for growing citrus fruits—California or Maine? Cslifornia Which country has the world's largest Muslim population—Indonesia or Mexico? Indonesia The North Atlantic current brings warm waters from the tropics to the west coast of which continent? Europe

LA History

Question Answer Who was the first to sail from Canada to the mouth of the Mississippi? Robert Cavalier, Sieur de La Salle Who guided him [the first to sail from Canada to the mouth of the Mississippi] and what was he known as? Henri de Tonti or Iron Hand Who mapped out the river and […]

Social Studies Celebrations

Question Answer (verb) to enter and settle in a new country. immigrate (noun) a person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another. immigrant (noun) any person from whom one is descended (grandparents or earlier) ancestor (noun) the act of honoring a special occasion with festivities or ceremonies. celebration (noun) the handing down of […]

second one

Question Answer what characteristics defined the stone age human relied primarily on stone tools what is domestication to tame how did farming crops and raising animals change human life it made jobs and lives easier. it also created enough surplus to trade what is culture the way in which individuals react with their environment where […]


Question Answer capital of Spain Madrid Seaport and the capital of Portugal Lisbon wines from Spain Port, Sherry, Amontillado, Sangria muesam and art gallery located in Madrid. Artwork from 12/18th century The Prado people who wanted to be free of Spanish rule Basques regions in Spain Catalan, Castile, Aragon spanish dance Flamenco catalan rice dish […]

Executive Branch and Bureaucracy

Question Answer What are the Qualifications for President? -Must be 35+ years -Natural born citizen -2 terms -US resident for 14 years 22nd Amendment says: -Term limit is 2 terms Roles of the President? 2H5C -Head of State/ Party -Chief Law Enforcer/ Exec. -Commander-in-Chief(who will set the tone to guide us?) -Crisis Leader(Moral Leader) -Chief […]

A review of key Landmark Supreme Court Cases

Question Answer Brown v Board of Education This Landmark Case determined that separate facilities are not equal and discrimination is unconstitutional. Plessy v Ferguson This Landmark Case determined that it is constitutional to have separate facilities (train cars, schools, etc) and the division can be based on race. Separate is equal. This case overturned Plessy […]

key terms

Question Answer &ch30=ZIMMERMAN NOTE German foreign secretary Arthur Zimmermann secretly proposed a German FOURTEEN POINTS Wilson's plan for peace at the outset of war; called for an end to imperialism, secret alliances, and a league of nations COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC INFORMATION created to rally public support for WWI; headed by George Creel; gave "four minute" […]

unit 3 study guide

Question Answer how does growing population affect people? food and water shortages. how does growing population affect the environment? more pollution to the environment why have death rates gone down? better medicines what is migration? when you move to a new country what are push factors? factors that make you not want to live there […]

History – Early Russia 5th Grade

Question Answer boyar a powerful Russian landowner czar title of a Russian emperor czarina the wife of a czar kremlin a fortress built to protect a Russian city serf a farmer who did not own the land that he was required to work on tribute money or goods that weaker people are forced to pay […]

The Industrial Revolution was when new machines came instead of people.

Term Definition How did agriculture changed before the Industrial Rev? People made their own things. They used their muscle power. They had something to work with/for. Why did the Industrial Rev. begin in Britain? Small island with natural resources. Water power. Political stable. Coal and fuel. They invested to new inventions. During what period did […]

OK History

Question Answer What year was Lincoln was assassinated? 1864 What was the main transportation of 1850-1870? stage coach What animal was bet to travel with? oxen What was the Rock Mary? A rock named after a traveler named Mary. In 1860 what was the fastest way to mail? The Pony Express In 1850 people in […]

Chapter 15 Vocabulary

Term Definition cartographer mapmaker astrolabe instrument to tell latitude (N/S) at sea caravel Portuguese hybrid boat scurvy disease at sea due to Vitamin C deficiency circumnavigate sail 'around' world matrilineal inheritance through mother stupa dome-like shrine padi field (rice padis) outpost distant area under foreign control sepoy Indian soldier


Question Answer hi hey jason single spencer die alone angela bff jordan guy bff brooklyn mom

economies and how they work

Question Answer what is a command economy? it's an economy where the government owns most of the land and is in charge of the economy. It's very hard to be an entrepreneur. what's a market economy? this economy is where the producers( also known as the owner or business) and the consumers maka all of […]

Different Worlds Collide

Question Answer Moctezuma Leader of the Aztecs when Hernando Cortes’ conquered the Aztec empire Hernando Cortes’ Spanish conqueror of the Aztec empire Dona Marina Aztec women who became an interpreter for Hernando Cortes’ during his conquest of the Aztec empire Francisco Pizarro Spanish conquistador who defeated the Inca Empire in 1533 Atahualpa Ruler of the […]

slavery in the Americas

Question Answer Olaudah Equiano describes the experience of thousands of Africans who were taken across the Atlantic and sold into slavery in his autobiography Tupinamba indians the Portuguese raided there village and put them to hard work on sugar plantations along the norht-east coast of Brazil Arawak in the Caribbean islands, the spanish enslaved the […]

Social Studies OGT Vocabulary

Term Definition The Enlightenment a European intellectual movement of the late 17th and 18th centuries emphasizing reason and individualism rather than tradition. It was heavily influenced by 17th-century philosophers such as Locke, and Newton, Voltaire, Rousseau, and Adam Smith. Natural Rights Rights that people supposedly have under natural law. Social Contract an implicit agreement among […]

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Question Answer What are the seven countries in the Central America? Guatemala, Belize, Hondrus, El Salvardor, Nicaragua, Cossta Rica, and Panama Describe the land on Central America? The land is rugged, is a isthmus, and has plates under there three archipelagos Bahamas, Greater Antilles, Lesser Antilles Describe the land of the Caribean limestone islands are […]

ww1-ww2 israeli-arab conflict statehood

Question Answer what mandates were lebannon and Syria and why were they interested in it french were interested in it because of reestablishing religious stuff for catholic what mandates were Iraq and Palistine british why did turkey succeed and Iran didn't ataturk build institutions that enabled the running of a country,established comities,Reze did everything himself,egypt […]