Enviroment science

In this assignment I will demonstrate knowledge of the significance of environmental science in buildings. I will look at and analyze the built environment in respect of, thermals, Ventilations, Acoustics, Light and Condensation. Environmental Design Environmental design is the process of addressing Natural environment parameters when devising plans, programs, policies, buildings, or products. Examples of […]

Current Awareness

All property everywhere obviously has an impact on its surroundings. The question is, is this impact, on its environment, negative and thus not sustainable in that facet? In recent years this notion of sustainability has risen to the forefront of the media and politics. And in every aspect of our lives we are being asked […]

Disseratation on Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s)

Abstract This dissertation considers the government’s recent implementation of the Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) and its impact on the rental property market. A critical review of literature is included in chapter 2 of the dissertation. The review is structured into 11 different sections including; Introduction Climate change Conventions and Protocols European Climate Change Programme Stern […]

London 2012 Olympic Transport Strategy

Introduction This report relates to the work performed by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) who is responsible for developing and building the new venues and infrastructure for the Games and their use post 2012. The ODA were set up by the London Olympic Games and Paralympics Games Act in 2006 to ensure the necessary planning […]

Analysis on China real estate industry

Introduction Nowadays, the topic about Chinese real estate market could be the hottest. We have done some research on the Chinese real estate market in this report, and we would like to focus on the Chinese real estate bubble analysis. Firstly, we built a real estate bubble measure model, we tended to find whether there […]

Fire – stages of a fire, fire resistance of different building materials, construction to resist fire

1.1. FIRE PROTECTION From the fire tetrahedron, we learnt that we could stop fire by obstructing the chain reaction(s), hence, by means of: Reduce the fuel Reduce the oxygen Reduce the heat Is it possible? For the sake of fire safety in building, we have implemented measures to overcome this issue, for example: Element of […]

Real Estate Market Analysis of the Condominium Market in Singapore

5 Condominium Subsectors in Singapore The condominium market in Singapore could be broadly classified into 5 subsectors, namely, the Mass Market (lower middle), the Upper Middle Class, Executive Condominium (EC), the Luxury and the Super Luxury. The price ranges from $900psf for a typical Executive Condominium unit to above SGD $2,500psf for a Super Luxury […]

Urban planning of orchard road

1. Timeline 1.1 Orchard Road Land Use History The timeline above shows an overview of the land use development of Orchard Road. The land was initially used for plantations and graveyards. It was then slowly utilized for commercial developments and a location for social networking with amenities well-developed to serve the population. Orchard Road was […]

Sustainable House

The overwhelming body of scientific evidence showing that climate change is a serious and urgent issue. In 2004, more than a quarter of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions came from the energy we use to heat, light and run our homes (Department for Communities and Local Government, 2010a). Our commitment to the Kyoto Agreement to […]

Public Works, Public Space

Subject Area: Le Corbusier; City for Three Million Inhabitants. ‘Using Le Corbusier’s unbuilt proposal, A Contemporary City of Three Million, examine its relationships to underlying ideologies about forms of public life.’ “A town is a tool. Towns no longer fulfil this function. They are ineffectuai; they use up our bodies, they thwart our souls. The […]