Ch. 4 definitions

Question Answer civil liberties freedoms to think and act without government interference or unfair legal treatment censorship the banning of printed materials or film due to alarming or offensive ideas. petiton a formal request for government action slander spoken untuths that are harmful to someones reputation search warrant a court order allowing law enforcement officers […]


Question Answer Civil liberties Freedom to think and act without government interference or fear of unfair legal treatment Censorship The banning of printed materials or films due to alarming or offensive ideas Petition A formal request for government action;A process by which candidates who are not affiliated with one of the two major parties can […]

Global Studies

Term Definition Hinduism Major religion of India Hindu A person who follows Hinduism Reincarnation The belief that the soul of a person returns to live in a new body Caste The belief that a person's position in life is determined by the group she or he is born into. Hindi Official language of India Taj […]

Earliest Inhabitants of the Americas, Age of Exploration & Discovery, Explora…

Term Definition Vikings The first explorers Leif Erikson The main explorer for the vikings Ferdinand Magellan (circumnavigation) First to go around the world Bartolomeu Dias and Vasco da Gama Portugal explorers. Found the Indies Christopher Columbus 1451-1506/Born in Geneva. Tries to find Western route to Indies but finds America. Brings back gold and natives. Led […]


Question Answer Responsibility An obligation that we fulfill voluntarily Duty A thing we are required to do Draft To call up; to create an outline Tolerance Respecting and accepting others,such as religious groups Bureaucracy Complex system many department, many rules people in the chain of command Welfare The health,prosperity,and happiness of the members of a […]

A look at the colonies!

Question Answer Laws desigbed to control slaves and keep them in bondage slave codes A famous incident Stono Rebellion how did slaves resist their slavery? working slow, damaging goods, puposley carrying out orders wrong, and running away appalachain mountains stretched from where to where? canada southh to Alabama who were the settlers to migrate to […]

first quiz

Question Answer Likud Party is the major conservative[4] political party in Israel ottoman empire turkey Balfour deceleration creation of a jewish homeland Sykes-Picot Agreement 1916 Division up of middle east zionism form of nationalism for a jewish community Likud Party is the major conservative[4] political party in Israel Israel Jewish ottoman empire turkey Balfour deceleration […]

RR – 1917, Treaty of Versailles, Rise of Dictators, Holocaust/WWII, and Cold War

Question Answer Why did the people of Russia revolt against the czar? The people were angry with the czar. He did not take care of their needs. Unequal distribution of poor (80% peasants)-lived in poverty and the military suffered embarrassing defeats. They were angry that the czar was not able to provide for their needs. […]

1st test

Question Answer Who did the Virgina plan favor and what did they want? larger states; House of Representatives; based on population Who did the New Jersey plan favor and what did they want? smaller states; Senate; all states equal Name 2 facts about the North: -cherished money -didnt have slaves to do work Name 2 […]

New France

Question Answer Seigneurs -Landlord who rented out land to farmers along the St.Lawrence River -They would divide one large piece of land into smaller pieces of land Habitants -French settlers who farmed a small plot about the size of a football field this was not large enough to support a large family -They learned how […]

?àçà?ñòàí òàðèõû

Сұрақ Жауап ?àðàõàí ìåìëåêåò³í³? îðòàëû?û? Áàëàñà??í ?àðàõàí ìåìëåêåò³í³? íåã³ç³í ñàëóøû? Ñàò?? Áî?ðà-õàí Ñàò?? Áî?ðà-õàí ñàìàíèëåðäåí ?îëäàó òàóûï, ê³ìä³ æå?ä³? Î??ëøà? Ìåìëåêåòò³? ??ðûëóûíäà áàñòû ð?ë àò?àð?àí òàéïà? ?àðë?? Íåã³çã³ áèëåóø³ëåð³ ?àé òàéïàäàí øû?ûï îòûð?àí? ß?ìà Ƴê³ë òàéïàñûíûí? òîòåì³? Àðûñòàí ß?ìà òàéïàñûíû? òîòåì³? Áóðà Õàííû? ìåìëåêåòò³ê ñàÿñè-?ê³ìø³ë³ê ³ñ æ?ðã³çåò³í îðíû? Îðäà Æåð èåëåíóä³? á³ð ò?ð³? È?òà Æåð […]

5th Grade Social Studies Study Stack

Question Answer geography the study of the human and nonhuman features of Earth degree unit that measures angles cardinal directions north, east, south, and west hemisphere one half of Earth longitude distance east or west of the Prime Meridian measured in degrees latitude distance north or south of the Equator measured in degrees absolute location […]


I have chosen to look at McCain Pravda because of the way she has influenced me. The way that he has used and processed her colors has enabled me to see all the different styles and techniques she has used. I was inspired by the way she has used a range of different colors in […]


Question Answer bicameral congress is a two-part cencus population count of each state constituents people represented by each state legislatures gerrymander oddly shaped district designed to increase the voting strength of a particular group majority party political party that half of the members belong to. minority party party less than half of members attend standing […]

The Theme of Self Identity in Headhunter

We mark our own trail from past to present with what we’ve used and consumed, fondled, rejected, outgrown. ” ?Jane Avarice, The Winter Without Milk: Stories The theme of self-identity is very important to both Headhunter by Timothy Finley and Brave New World by Aloud Huxley. Against the backdrop of pervasive, ubiquitous and broad reaching […]


Question Answer bicameral a legislature consisiting of two parts census a population count taken by the census bureau constituent a person from a legislature's district gerrymander an odly shaped election district designed to increase the voting strength of a particular group majority party in both the house of reprisentatives and the senate,the political party to […]


Question Answer 6 6 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 g g

Comparative essay

At the same time, the poem reminds us that everything we do is influenced by what happened in our past whereas Persephone abducted shows the way in which she was taken and her mother’s thought and felt about it. The themes and literary devices had a big effect on the poems themselves which assisted in […]

The History of Canada

Term Definition Aboriginal a native people metis the children of French and native peoples transcontinental something that crosses a continent granery a building used to store harvested grain

Generational Study

Squelch and Beckman show that “Mimetically” optimal target customer are Over Weight United States demographic. Premises “Excess weight is considered a public health crisis in the U. S. , with approximately 65% of the entire adult population categorized as overweight, obese, or severely obese. ” True This premises supports the claim the question presents in […]

Life On The Arabian Peninsula

Question Answer Nomad Person who travels for food and shelter. Bedouins Nomad of the Arabian Peninsula. Clan These people are grouped by relation of blood or marriage. Caravan Any large group of people typically with vehicles or animals traveling together. Pilgrimage Moving to the sacred land. Polytheism Belief in more than one god. Monotheism Belief […]

Negative Impacts of Trade Sanctions on the Growth

Introduction As the international trade grows rapidly these years, the trade sanctions are increasing at the same time. It was widely used in modern society; many countries prefer solving political or economic problems by trade sanction. NO one knows whether it really works, anyway, it catches the pubic attention as an important role. Trade sanction […]


Term Definition Abraham Lincoln He was the 16th President Of The United States, who was a replublican. Battle Of Antietam Was fought mostly in the south on September 17,1862, and was fought in part of a Maryland campain. Battle Of Gettysburgh Was fought through July 1-3 during the 1860's and is considered one of the […]

History Vocab for Chapter 6

Question Answer Federal system a system that divided powers between the states and the federaol government Executive President is Head of Executive branch. Enforces law Legislative Interprets law Judicial District courts: federal offenses. The us court system Impeach to be brought up and charged for wrong doing veto forbid Executive Order the force of law […]

Indoor activity play

As she gets frustrated she realizes that it is not worth being mad and she builds them back in an instant. Her peers are complaining about her because she lies to get what she wants and she is constantly taking things without asking from her friends. Even though Christine is aware of the rules she […]