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About us

Spot Bit is an educational resource that has tons of useful materials on academia matters. Its goal is to help students navigate through fascinating but sometimes confusing world of science subjects. For no charge at all, Spot Bit offers various content that is easy to understand and fun to learn from.


Who creates Spot Bit content?


SpotBit.com was created by a group of retired university professors who wanted to share the highlights of what they have learnt through dozens of years of teaching students at different schools, colleges and universities.

Today the Spot Bit has over a thousand contributors from world’s leading English-speaking universities. They are professors, researchers, visiting teachers and other active academia representatives that want to make knowledge accessible and close to anyone in this world.

The Spot Bit database is updated at least a couple of times per day according to the latest standards in education, changes in academic curriculum or trends in the world science development.


Spot Bit is for:

  • Students who need help understanding school topics;
  • Teachers looking for new ways to explain the matters;
  • Researchers who want additional information on their subjects;
  • Curious minds who want to know how science works in reality;
  • General public who know how to experience the joy of learning new things;


Spotbit.com is a unique community in technical spheres


We live in the time of soft skills predominance, intense leadership appreciation and strong emphasis on legal, financial and managerial subjects. Over a quarter of students choose social sciences majors, the other 30% will opt for communications, law, business and other managerial specializations.

Sometimes it seems that if Newton were born today, his talent would go by unnoticed through the fog of hedge fund bumper profits, political turmoil and Kim Kardashian glamorous lifestyle glorification.

But there’s still place for hard science in our society. And not only in the Silicon Valley. What makes Spot Bit special is its vivid focus specifically on science subjects: biology, physics, medicine, engineering and other exact science lessons.

We target the best works in the area and explain the most difficult concepts like it’s a piece of cake. We know each textbook from title-page to colophon. We might have a narrow area of expertise, but we for sure know it well.


Why millions of students turn to us:

  • Spot Bit has the largest database of video lectures on numerous science topic;
  • Spot Bit covers almost every chapter in the textbooks that you will no longer need to buy;
  • Spot Bit is free and never tries to sell you something you don’t need;
  • Spot Bit is a community of people who “get you”;
  • Spot Bit is accessible everywhere: from the metro on your phone, from the class on your iPad or from the library on your laptop;

Welcome to the place where science reigns. Welcome to the place where being nerdy is a good thing. Welcome to the place where people like you get their questions answered. Welcome to the place that will make learning science so much more fun!


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