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Anthropology and Your Future

Anthropology and Your Future

By In Anthropology Essay On June 14, 2017

Consider issues that are current in our own society today. Where will the application of an anthropological perspective be most effective? Consider and describe how the study of anthropology and its unique perspectives on human cultural behavior will most benefit you in your life and future career. Please use concepts and terminology from the text.

Your initial response should be 150-200 words in length. Please support your claims with examples from the text, recommended material, and/or scholarly articles.




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Considering society as it is today, I’d say that the place of anthropology is to provide clues about how we are developing into the societies of the future, while at the same time. providing a critical historical background supported on research from the anthropology of the past so as to have a more comprehensive understanding of how our societal evolution is taking place. The anthropologist has the important role of letting the society of today know how it was before their time, so they can see their place in history and experience their lives as the consequence of the unfolding of those historical tendencies. By doing this analysis guided by the knowledge of the anthropologist, the regular citizen will be able to see what is to come in the future and how he or she may affect that evolution now that the clues from the past will explain the consequences of our decisions (or the decisions of today’s politicians, for example).

The anthropologist, in this sense, comes from the past (his academic knowledge about the societies of the past) and share this with the people of the present allowing them to project an image of what the human of tomorrow will be like. At the same time giving the basis for the understanding of the mechanisms (societal forces) that are acting on the present without being noticed as the man of the street has no point of reference to understand the time frames of the past (they are too long periods of time). The anthropologist will save that work for the society of the present, so that we can take control of those forces and shape the society of the future, consciously.


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