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Atomic Bomb Essay

Atomic Bomb Essay

By In Essay Samples On October 1, 2017

Sputnik affected Americans because the idea was that if Soviet’s could launch satellites into space, they could launch nuclear bombs Into space. This scared many Americans. 2. President Kennedy established the Peace Corps to lad countries In danger of becoming under communist control. These countries were poor and desperate. The Peace Corps sent people such as doctors, teachers, and carpenters to help countries around the world and to help them to become less desperate. 3.

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The events in Cuba were troubling the American government because of how close Cuba is to the United States. Cuba is 90 miles off the coast of Florida and Cuba had he danger of possessing nuclear weapons from the Soviet Union. If Cuba possessed nuclear weapons, there would be an armed communist nation right in the backyard of the United States. The Cuban missile crisis proved that these threats were real while the world waited to see if the Soviet Union would back down and potentially avoid a nuclear war that had the potential to destroy all life on Earth. . The Korean War started when Kim II Song and North Korea Invaded South Korea with a goal to once again unite the country under communist control. The Soviet Union gave North Korea guns and money to help fight the war. . The united States came involved in the Korean War when North Korea was quickly demolishing South Korean forces. United States troops fought under the UN flag to help push back North Korean forces. . McCarthy actions threatened democratic freedoms In America by making false charges without evidence. He is threatening democratic freedoms because in America somebody does not Just tell you that you are what you are, they must prove It. McCarthy was acting In a sense Like a dictator because he completely forgot about the whole judicial branch and accused people of doing things without having any facts.


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