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Comparative Essays Essay Sample

Comparative Essays Essay Sample

By In Essay Samples On September 13, 2017

Many people today have their ideas on how the Earth was created. Christians take a scriptural position of how the existence was created by a Godhead. One idea that Christians believe is that God created the Earth and accomplished this in six yearss and rested on the 7th twenty-four hours. This is the theoretical account of how a hebdomad is set up and the theoretical account that we presently follow. Jon W. Green states “though differences of sentiment exist for assorted doctrinal issues within Christianity. few are more dissentious than contentions environing the yearss of creative activity and the age of the Earth. ” As stated antecedently many people have ideas and are funny as to how the Earth itself came into being.

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When it comes to the scientific community there are two major theories the old Earth position and the immature Earth position. The two conflicting points of position vary in the thought of how long the it took to make the Earth and how old the Earth is. Many creationist take the side of believing that the universe was created in six 24 hours yearss and that the Earth itself is no more than 6. 000 old ages old. Whereas those who believe in the old Earth theories believe that the Earth was formed over a longer period of clip. There are two constructs of how these happened the Big knock theory and the six twenty-four hours creative activity theory. Each of these relates back to the age of the Earth. Young – Earth View

In the Bible it clearly stated in Genesis 1 -5 how the Earth was made and the order that God created things and as the Bible provinces He says that things were good. The Bible itself speaks of merely six actual yearss used to make the Earth. As stated by Terry Mortenson. MDiv. PhD ( 2011 ) the ideas of a immature Earth creationist are as follows “Young-earth creationists believe that the creative activity yearss of Genesis 1 were six actual ( 24-hour ) yearss. which occurred 6. 000–12. 000 old ages ago. They believe that approximately 2. 300–3. 300 old ages before Christ. the surface of the Earth was radically rearranged by Noah’s Flood. ” ( Mortenson. 2011 ) Dr. Mortenson goes on to province that creationist besides believe in the thought of a ruinous inundation which is responsible for most of the stone beds and dodos. ( Mortenson. 2011 )

Young Earth Creationist believe in the thought of the Hebrew word Yom. ( Morris. 2011 ) This word translates to intend a actual twenty-four hours and is used in Genesis to depict each twenty-four hours of creative activity. We as Christians must take the Bible as true. this being the whole bible including the Old Testament. In respects to the age of the Earth. immature earth creationist take Genesis 5 as a family tree of the Earth. The family trees of Genesis 5 every bit good as 11 give people an thought of the old ages and occurrences from Adam to Abraham. Scholars can largely hold that Abraham lived about 2000 BC. All of these facts so set the day of the month of creative activity at about 6000 old ages ago. ( Mortenson. 2011 ) Old – Earth View

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In response to the immature Earth six twenty-four hours creative activity of the Earth thought. secular scientist have developed the thought of the Big Bang theory. Harmonizing to the large knock theory. the existence began by spread outing from a small letter volume that possessed highly high denseness every bit good as utmost temperatures. Initially the existence was significantly smaller than a pore on your tegument. ( Takahashi. 2000 ) It is thought that this happened about 10-20 billion old ages ago. Harmonizing to Yuki D. Takahasi ( 2000 ) in his article “Big Bang: How did the Universe get down? ” He states 3 chief observations that point to truth in the Big Bang Theory. Number one is uranologists have found that the existence continues to spread out which means that the separation between galaxies continues to go on taking uranologists and scientist to believe that the existence used to be closer before some sort of detonation ( the Big Bang ) Next this thought of the large knock helps to explicate the copiousness of He and other karyons like heavy hydrogen in the existence.

Last uranologists stated that the could detect the cosmic background radiation which would be the afterglow of the detonation from every way of the existence. Harmonizing the large knock theory. after the large knock an detonation happened and over clip the Earth easy evolved over the class of 1000000s of old ages into what we now know as the Earth. LaRocco and Rothstein ( 2001 ) province what happened after the detonation from the large knock. which is bad “In the minuscular fractions of the first second after creative activity what was one time a complete vacuity began to germinate into what we now know as the existence. In the really get downing there was nil except for a plasma soup. As the existence expanded further. and therefore cooled. common atoms began to organize.

These atoms are called heavy particles and include photons. neutrinos. negatrons and quarks would go the edifice blocks of affair and life as we know it. During the baryon generation period there were no recognizable heavy atoms such as protons or neutrons because of the still intense heat. At this minute. there was merely a quark soup. ” ( LaRocco. Rothstein 2001 ) Harmonizing to the Big Bang Theory over the class of 1000000s and one million millions of old ages the Earth evolved into what we know it as now. Compare Contrast

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Although these two theories are highly different in nature there are a few comparing to be noted. Harmonizing to the Big Bang theory finally the Earth will be overcome by energy and it will be called “Heat Death. ” As the Bible tells us in the terminal clip the universe will be judged by fire and native sulfur finally the Earth will be restored. The Big Bang teaches that the scriptural rules do non be. A contrast between the Big knock theory and the six twenty-four hours creative activity theory is the procedure by which the Earth was developed. Each of these theories presents a different organisational form. The order of creative activity is different between the two. Big Bang Theory – 15 Billion old ages ago Water covered the Earth – Days 1-2 Stars developed over – 10 Billion old ages ago Dry Land and Plants – Day 3 Sun – 5 Billion old ages ago Sun. Moon and Stars – Day 4

Molten Earth – 4. 5 Billion old ages ago Sea and Flying Creatures – Day 5 First Oceans – 3. 8 Billion old ages ago Land. Animals and Man – Day 6 Decision
In decision each of these theories the Big Bang theory and the six-day creative activity theory provide ideas on how the Earth was created every bit good as the age of the Earth. What one must retrieve is that each of these theories does do the individual who believes them hold some type of religion. Although there are “facts” that have been given on each of these theories the individual who is researching them must take the duty of looking up the facts and information for their ain benefit. Besides one must retrieve that the full Bible is God breathe and words that we should take as truth Harmonizing to 2 Timothy 3:16 ( NIV ) 16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is utile for learning. call on the carpeting. correcting and preparation in righteousness.


Morris. John. Master Books. ( 2011 ) The Young Earth: The Real History of the Earth – Past. Present. and Future Mortenson. T. ( 2011 ) “Young-Earth Creationist View Summarized & A ; Defended” . Answers in Depth. 6. Retrieved July 3. 2014. from


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