Contra argument

In the world of college sports there has been controversy whether college athletes deserve to get paid. As the argument goes on some believing student athletes receive a great reward, while others think it is not enough and they should be getting paid for what they do for their schools. College student athletes not being paid only creates problems or may affect them in the long run. Therefore, I believe college athletes should receive what they already get as well as paid for their extracurricular activity.

College athletes not being paid may leads to problems with the school or the athletes futures. First off, most college athletes can’t or don’t have time to work. Being an athlete myself and balancing with school and work I can Just imagine how hard it would be for an athlete at a top university. Having no time to work how they will be able to pay for their needs. Yes they have families, but not all families are as grateful as some. Schools don’t cover the athlete’s personal things they may need whether it is transportation, or clothing.

This may lead to players accepting illegal money, cars, and clothes from schools, coaches, and former alumni. The gifts are Just given straight to the players or, as a New York Times article said a group of UTC football players did little work and received way more money than supposed to. For example, some teammates can host a little event on their free time for someone as but after the event get some money in return. Which leads to the athletes getting in trouble if caught and possibly getting kicked off the team and losing their scholarship.

Money is a big part of the world now and days who doesn’t want it. Most college students live in near poverty. Once the athlete is given the opportunity to go pro most athletes do Jump at the chance. By doing so they leave behind their education. If the big leagues don’t go well and or possibly of being hurt, what will they have to fall back on? Nothing. Giving back to the students athletes will only help the colleges themselves. One they won’t have to worry about other school offering the players money in order to recruit them because every allege will be able to provide the athlete with money.

Also there will be less crime such as selling drugs, stealing, and other things along these lines. So by paying the athletes at the college leave there is a better chance of them sticking it out till they are done with their education as well as keeping them and the schools out of trouble with the NCAA. Most people say free education, housing, and school supplies are enough to repay the college athletes for what they do. Who doesn’t want a place to stay as well as school being paid for to play sports? As an athlete you Just aren’t playing the sport you love.

It goes as far as putting your body on the line every day for yourself, team, coaches, fans and school. So maybe free education and housing isn’t enough to all athletes. The players are the ones who pack the gyms and stadiums with fans at all sports events. The colleges make enough money off the players that it wouldn’t hurt to give back to the student athletes for their entertainment. The college athletes bring in a great amount of the universities income. From selling tickets to watch games or even Just sporting gear with players faces, numbers, or names on them.

This show the Universities owes the athletes more than Just scholarships. Finally, most former college athletes themselves agree that college athletes should be getting something out of what they do besides Just the scholarships. Being a college athlete is a lot of hard work and responsibility being put towards school and their team. Some schools using the players to get fame and possibly a winning record. As Adrian Peterson states in an article “”They’re raying to make basketball players go two years in college. Wow. I wonder why?

Think about it Just imagine if Lebanon James had been in college for two years. How much money would that college have made off Lebanon James? They would have made so much money off Lebanon James. It’s about the freedom to do as you want and make your own decisions” (Trotter). Along with decisions come responsibilities. When some of these athletes go a whole lot more on their plate than Just school and sports, some being mothers or fathers. Therefore, how will they be able to put food on the table or their family and support them if the school only covering the athletes.

Things like this makes an athlete not Just want but need to make money, some way somehow. College student’s athletes are mostly view as those who live the life of a superstar. There is so much more to the life of a college athlete. It is not always about being the star football or basketball player. Some of these athletes balance the life of a superstar athlete, student, and sometimes even parenthood. This is why free education and scholarships is not enough to repay the athletes for what they do for he school.

These athletes give back to their community something to cheer for as well as make the school they attend thousands for them to be living near to poverty. If that maybe having to take other risks to make the money that is needed for them or their family. This is why the colleges should give back to their athletes who are making them the big bucks and bettering the program they are a part of. They expect so much from the athletes and it is time that athletes receive what they deserve. No pay no play.