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Clark Greene Each Kittens English com 7 November 2012 Should 18 Year Olds Be Able to Drink? Although they’re considered an adult, are able to vote, can be in the army draft, buy lottery tickets, smoke, and the list goes on, an 18-year-old can’t sit down and drink a beer with his friends. What is the reasoning behind this? Some think the law is taking away their freedom, but others believe it is saving lives. There are many opinions on this topic, Ever since 1984, the legal age to drink or purchase alcohol has been 21 years of age. There are also many pros and cons of legalizing drinking at he age of 18.

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I believe you should be able to drink at 18 because In the eyes of the law, If you do a crime you are tried in court as an adult. You are even able to buy a rifle or shotgun at the age of 18, which could be considered much more lethal than beer. “Lowering MILD 21 to 18 would make alcohol less of a taboo for adult’s newly entering college and the workforce, take away the thrill that many young people get from breaking the law, and make alcohol consumption a more normalized activity done In moderation. ” Procom. Org. I believe this pollen Is correct.

I hear from many 1 and 22 year olds say that it isn’t as fun to drink anymore for them because there isn’t the excitement there as when it was illegal for them. It is also said that if the younger people could drink, It would help the economy, They would support little bars and eating places, which would then make more tax money. The government should consider at least trying it to see if it works. The old saying goes, “change is good,” We should see If this change would work for the best. If It doesn’t work as we think it should, then just change the legal age back to 21 -years-old..

It wouldn’t be the first time they have changed the law multiple times. Researching for this paper. I found on the internet the top five reasons to lower the drinking age, and I agree with them. “1) Alcohol education starts at home, and yet we have outlawed the act of learning in the average home (most people move out long before they turn 21 and therefore, under the law. Parents have no chance to permit legal responsible drinking in the home). 2) When people learn from their peers rather than older adults like parents, they learn In an inherently more

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Irresponsible way. The drinking age of 21 has promoted a culture of secret, binge drinking by 18-20 year olds. 3) We say that 18 year-olds are adult enough to kill and die in the armed forces, change the course of a nation in the voting booth, Judge other adults on a Jury, be prosecuted as an adult, enter Into binding contracts, operate automobiles and heavy machinery, smoke tobacco, own and operate a business, have a bank account and credit card, own a house, be married and have a family of their own. To say they cannot have a beer Is highly, absurdly Inconsistent. ) Treating these adults like infants and then expecting adult behavior is illogical. 5) As the highest drinking age in the world, the U. S. Legal age of 21 has utterly failed to because it is an unrealistic law, like setting a freeway speed limit at 40 MPH and arresting everyone who goes over it. ” , said John Wright from John-Wright. Net. There are many more cons then Just these five 5 . The five I listed had the highest percentage of agreeable, and are the ones I noticed the most on the internet when researching.

People get to choose to drink or not drink when they are under age. It is undeniably easy to get alcohol when you are not of age. These under age drinkers are not forced to drink. It is their decision to not . I know many people from high school that could have chosen to drink on many occasions, but decided to not drink at all. One had a reason not to because he was an MET and didn’t want to get caught and get kicked out of the hospital . Others Just chose not to because they would rather remember their high school career because it will be the highlight of their life.

I truly believe that if kids were able to drink with their parents, then parents could do heir Job and teach them how to drink correctly. Then kids would know their limits. There are also the people that want to keep the drinking age at 21 or even higher. There are groups out there that don’t think people should drink at all, or at least until they are 21 . One of these organizations is MAID, which stands for “Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. ” This group fights for the drinking age to be at 21 because of all the facts that they have determined show it’s the best choice.


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