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Essay about amsterdam

Essay about amsterdam

By In Essay Samples On November 14, 2017

To gain a strong understanding of the Dutch culture and lifestyles, you should definitely visit Amsterdam. You will be amazed by the large number of bicycles, stunned to see the culture and the architecture and be surprised of the smell of tulips. It is also the city for Sophocles and fashion lovers. But the most famous area would definitely be the red- light district, also known as the Whalen. When you are there you will be surprised to see the vast offers of legalized prostitution and coffee- shops. The coffee-shops are located on every corner, and you never have to walk far o find one.

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These are shops which solely sell cannabis. Because I have been living in the Netherlands for 18 years now, I am not surprised by all the drugs and prostitution. To be honest, I never understood why people would go to Amsterdam, Just to see the prostitution and drugs. But now I am living in the United States, I am beginning to understand the attraction to view the vast differences in culture. A lot of the laws are stricter in America, for example, to legally drink you have to wait until you are 21, while in the Netherlands, the legal drinking age is 18.

Also, you’re not allowed to use any kind of drugs. But luckily, there is more to Amsterdam than drugs and prostitution. Amsterdam is definitely the city of bicycles. Bicycles are typical for all cities in the Netherlands, but once you have been to Amsterdam and experience the chaos of it, you will be able to handle every city. You can ask over a hundred Dutch people if they have a bike or had have a bike before and 99% will give you the answer yes. You will find bicycles in every corner, against every tree and if you were able to see under the water you would even find some over there.

The reason why most Dutch people are cycling is probably because of all the short, but too far to walk distances. Also the roads are mostly flat, which makes it easier to cycle. Furthermore you can distinguish the bike paths from the foot path because of the different color, thereby it is safer for both of the people. Although the city is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities, you still have to be very alert and watch the traffic very closely. Also, driving a car is discouraged, because parking fees are expensive and many streets are one-way only.

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Instead of cars and icicles, a lot of people use public transportation, because it is fast and environmentally friendly. Amsterdam places a lot of focus on living healthy, including promoting sporting activities and cycling, investing in sustainable initiatives like Green Roofs and recharging stations for electric automobiles. You will definitely find a lot of green parks where people are hanging out and relaxing if the weather let you. The parks will smell like happiness and flowers. But nothing can compare with Amsterdam if it Essay about Amsterdam By Garnishments is going to rain.

The rain will tastes like freedom and smells likes a whole new life Just has begin. People who think that sunshine is pure happiness has never danced in the rain before. Go to the forest and you will smell the trees coming out there shelters. But don’t stay too long in the rain, you will catch a cold or even worse, ruin your outfit. Fashion is namely everywhere in Amsterdam. You will definitely be impressed by the good looking people in their outfits. You will feel like someone who Just forgot to dress up for only going to the supermarket.

All the tall people who will walk on their eels and their style for fashion will go to the famous agencies in Amsterdam, for example Elite models which is very popular for girls who want to be models. Also a lot of famous fashion brand are based in Amsterdam, like G- star, us and fashion designers like Mart Viziers, Victor & Roll, Marries Dickers. If you want to shop exclusive and expensive there is only one street you should have seen the ‘PC. Hovercraft. And for sure if you are walking there you will feel the breath of famous people. You are in the right place to buy a fancy dress or Just a regular fashionable looting article.

There are always places to go where you need to show up fancy, for sure if you want to go to a party. Amsterdam is famous for its diverse nightlife. It has many bars. They range from large and modern to small and cozy. The typical ‘Bruise Kroger (brown cafe©) breathe a more old fashioned atmosphere with dimmed lights, candles, and somewhat Odder clientele. Most bars have terraces in summertime. A common sight on the ‘Elderliness’ during summer is a square full of terraces packed with people drinking beer or wine. There are many restaurants as well.

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Since Amsterdam is a ally multicultural city, a lot of different restaurants can be find over there. The restaurants are range from very exclusive and expensive to a affordable and ordinary restaurant. Which doesn’t mean that the food is less over there, I would even recommend it stronger then the expensive one. Since it is mostly more cozier and the atmosphere is more relax. Overall Amsterdam is Just the place you should have seen. An trip through Europe without visiting Amsterdam is Just no real trip. Go rent a bicycle, go smoke weed, go spend too much money at the shops, go enjoy the canals and smell the rain.


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