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First Emperor Of China

First Emperor Of China

By In Essay Samples On November 14, 2017

Hung was a powerful emperor in China who was memorable for many things. At one point he was even considered the most powerful man on earth. For thirty years he subjected the most bloody and violent phase in China’s history. He created growth yet much destruction as well within China. His history behind his reason for power, battles with neighboring states, and quest for immortality are all reasons Shih Hanged is so well known to us in history. Thanks to two millennium worth of great records in text, we are knowledgeable on this great history behind Sin

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Shih Hung. Sin Shih Hanged has a very detailed history on his reason for power. It all began with his mother Shah J. She had Just gotten pregnant by Lu Bowie. He arranged for the prince to meet and fall in love with her and so they did. She finally gave birth to her child named Yin Ghent (later known as Sin Shih Hung) and the prince assumed the child was his own. The prince was of course completely unaware that the child was not his and came from Lu Bowie. Yin Ghent became king of the Sin state at a very young age when his “father” the king, died.

Lu Bowie (his real father) became his rime minister and eventually committed suicide, fearing that Shih Hanged would exile him. He finally ruled as Sin Shih Hung over the kingdom of Sin. More details and complications came with his mother regarding another man and children she had. Eventually the king discovered this and had the children and his mother’s lover killed. As for his mother, he spared her life. This event showed the king had no fear in showing his power and what he was truly capable of.

Speaking of things Sin Shih Hung was capable of, he intended on unifying all of China. He did whatever it took to achieve this dream. It began with his army. He led his nation into war with a powerful army that other states feared of. He had thousands of people with weaponry fight for what he wanted most, conquering all surrounding states. He depended greatly on his army to achieve this dream of his. This army is so iconic to him that it’s even represented in his after life through clay, life sized replicas.

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Sin Shih Hung eventually conquers some states but with this rose attempts of assassination. After these attempts he remains living and wants to improve his army to achieve his dream and conquer all states to unify China. He finally achieves his dream and unifies China. At age 34 he is now emperor and the greatest ruler in China’s history. He called himself first god of Sin and began a lineage that would be passed on to each son for the rest of time. Sin Shih Hung had everything he ever wanted now that he was emperor. But it wasn’t enough.

He wanted to live forever. He was not always this way. At first Sin Shih Hung became obsessed with the idea of his death. He had plans for his tomb, he wanted thousands of life size clay soldiers and even water filled with liquid mercury First Emperor Of China By rhea_ that kept in motion. The purpose of the soldiers were to protect him in his spiritual fife. He also wanted a machine to allow the liquid filled with mercury to remain in constant motion. He believed that as long as the liquid kept in motion he would continue to exist in his own world.

But he soon become so fearful of the idea of dying he seeded to somehow live forever. He then began the consumption of mercury hoping this would prevent his death. Of course mercury did not give him eternal life and he eventually dies. In conclusion, Sin Shih Hung is an important part of our history in China. His history behind his reason for power was very complex. Although this complicated plan did to go as planned for his mother and Lu Bowie, it gave him the opportunity to become king.

Without being king he probably would not have been able to accomplish all he did or even unify China. His battles with neighboring states proved the type of leader he was and how he would do anything to accomplish his dream of unifying China. Lastly, his quest for immortality is an interest to all of us who learn about him and even those who have researched and learned about him for years. Sin Shih Humans history, power, and impact as emperor is such an important part of our history and will hopefully be taught for many years to come.


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