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The second law of thermodynamics holds that Answer Selected Answer: energy disperses spontaneously. Correct Answer: Question 2 The minimum amount of energy needed to get a chemical reaction started is called the _ energy. Answer Selected Answer: activation Question 3 What happens to a molecule when it is phosphorescently? It receives a phosphate group. Question 4 A red blood cell may burst when placed in which of the following kinds of solutions? Photonic Question 5 When there is a “concentration gradient” this means that Answer Selected Answer: the concentrations on each side of the membrane are NOT equal Correct Answer: the concentrations on each side of the membrane are NOT equal Question 6 Which of the following statements about blood cells in solutions is CORRECT? Answer Selected Answer: A blood cell placed in a hypotonic solution will swell. Question 7 Fishery By Jamming phagocytes Question 8

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Fossil fuels are the organic remains of ancient authors. Question 9 Most of the colors we see around us result from reflected light. Question 10 Plants use which of the following structures to allow an exchange of gases? Answer stomata Question 11 In what part of aerobic respiration, is carbon dioxide released? Answer Selected Answer: the Krebs Cycle Question 12 The Krebs cycle takes place in the mitochondria. Saturday,

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