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Functionalist: Sociology and Stratification Essay Sample

Functionalist: Sociology and Stratification Essay Sample

By In Essay Samples On September 13, 2017

It argues that societal stratification is functional and it is necessary for keeping society’s stableness Functionalists see inequality every bit good because it’s “incentive” or “motivation” for people to win. Functionalists believed that inequality can be mitigated by the prevalence of societal mobility ( one can alter its category to another ) Davis and Moore: systems of stratification exist to guarantee that the most appropriate people are selected for these functions. Furthermore. because stratification is functional. it follows that it must be a lasting. inevitable and necessary fact of the manner any society is constructed

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* Three consensus theories offer a critical position of struggle theories of inequality. * Parsons. Based stratification is based on shared values and hence integrate instead than split societies. The superior depends on consensual position of their position’s importance. Power is given to those in of import places to accomplish shared ends. * Davis and Moore said stratification has the map of function allotment and public presentation. Inequality ensures the best people perform good in the most of import occupations. Evaluation ( Explanations and unfavorable judgments mostly from Melvin Tumin ) * Some places are functionally more of import than others. * People seldom have the natural endowment to execute these undertakings. * Endowments to accomplishments requires forfeits. such as loss of net incomes * Can be offset. by authorities or parents.

* Expectation of high wage motivates people to do these forfeits. * Unequal respects leads to differences in prestigiousness attached to place which so becomes the by and large recognized footing of stratification. Davis and Moore could explicate this at a minute in clip. but really stratification means you inherit a place and so may hold better chances. so stratification prevents this equality of chance. Functionalist theories of stratification

* Functionalist sees stratification as of import in explicating society * The division here is done on the footing of functionally of import functions.
that they should transport high position and high wagess * They don’t see inequality as a beginning of struggle in society * They believed that inequality can be mitigated through construct of societal mobility Davis & A ; Moore

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* They have taken up the construct of functions
* Harmonizing to their position some places in society are more of import than others because of the organisational demand of them to work * Some functions or the place should be carried be certain individuals * Merely those who possess necessary scarce accomplishments or inaugural Talcott Parsons

* Parson sees societal stratification as a beginning of struggle and instability in the society but it really serves to incorporate an order the society * For Parsonss stratification is really a distribution and allotment of societal prestigiousness * Parson said that industries societies are non merely based on 2 categories but really it is based on a series of strata ranked one above other in term of prestigiousness. They accorded by the members of society Criticism of the functionalist position

* Functionalist are to a great extent criticized on their accounts of meritocratic society * Everyone has an equal opportunity of giving high societal position and high wagess this can be possible if other factors of the society are ignored. * Some societal places are more of import than others? Why? And how? Who decided it? * The construct of functionally of import function are a value loaded construct. this can non be done on the footing of objectiveness

based on persons
involves personal sentiments. feelings. emotions
judgement based on individuals feelings and feelings and sentiments instead than facts.

based on whole society
sing on facts
judgement based on discernible phenomena and unswayed by emotions and personal biass


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