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Gaming essay

Gaming essay

By In Essay Samples On October 12, 2017

The Threats of Online Gaming It seems that only now people are finally starting to be aware of the negative impact that online gaming has on both the physical and psychological aspect of the gamers lives. The more people that know about the social Isolation, narcissism, Increased aggression, and negative academic and occupational consequences that results from excessive online gaming, the bigger the drive will be to take the precautionary steps needed to at least reduce the negative by-products from the excessive online gaming.

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Excessive gaming wasn’t a problem 30 years ago like it is today. Thirty years ago, Ames were like an exclusive preserve for teenage boys that occasionally went to arcades. The problem arose when gaming evolved into a much more complex activity than Just the simple arcade games. With all the different types of games, the complex evolution of gaming has now fused itself with society and became mainstream in most parts of the world. When the arcade games shifted Into game consoles In households Is when the excessive gaming was first Introduced to our society.

Video games are now played In over 65% of North American households (NYPD Groups, 2008). Not only Is that well-over half of the households, but also the games are no monger only played by children. Over the past few years, there are 25% of gamers who are under 18 years old, 49% of gamers are aged between 18 and 49, and 26% are over the age of 50 (Entertainment Software Association, 2008). Even with the strong take over by gaming, people are now starting to realize the threat.

There has recently been an increase in the number of research publications focused on video gaming (e. G. , Chou & Ting, 2003). Just like expected, most of the gamers tended to be males. Even in the group of gamers, the males also tended to play for longer periods of time than the females that played. This isn’t a surprise since in general, most people associate gaming with guys. Even from my experiences, I know countless male gamers but not a single girl that consistently plays video games.

Females tend to be less passionate about It; they see It more as a way to “pass time”. Even If gaming were more popular among females, It wouldn’t be as much of an Issue as It Is with males. Female gamers are less affected by game play than males (Wee 2007). There is no evidence to support increased aggression in females, something that is often re- occurring when males play violent games such as call of duty. Wee also found that Females are also less likely to suffer addictive effects from video games as well.

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Weiss reasoning as to why men can become more addicted to gaming is because they can gain greater psychological benefits from playing. These benefits range from getting a feeling of achievement to just finding it easier to socialize with friends. For the women, the online video gaming allows them to increase their social network (Wee 2007). What people think the solution Is to completely stop the online gaming or completely remove the violence In the games, but that Isn’t the Issue. Like Victoria

Sublet said, the problem comes when the players become ‘addicted’. Sublet conducted a systematic review to evaluate the evidence of the effects of Massive that met the criteria, the analysis revealed that only the players who were classified as ‘addicted’ or engaged in ‘problematic game play’ experienced significant negative consequences (Sublet 1). A study done by Lee Chicane reveals a little more about why some players are more addicted than others, with addiction being the core issue of online gaming.

Chicane collected data collected from a paper-and-pencil survey of a student sample room a university in northwestern United States. Chainmen found that compared with gamers with high self-concept clarity, gamers with low self-concept spent more time playing video games. Now they segmented the gamers with a low self-image of themselves as being the addicts (Chainmen). The negative by-products from online gaming such as the social isolation and increased aggression only make that already low self-image discussed by Chainmen even lower.

The addicted gamers basically bury themselves deeper in the own hole they put themselves in. A study by Croatian psychologist Mainly Sentimentally found that time spent laying online video games was positively correlation with more flow experiences. Basically, the longer they played, the longer they found themselves in a mental state of operation of energize focus and full involvement (Sentimentally, 1993) The players were being completely absorbed in their activity, mainly being driven by motivation.

While being in this single-minded immersion, the players are experiencing positive emotions related to the task. Sentimentally study that discovered the positive flow experiences is not the only time that excessive gaming has been found to have a positive effect on the aimers. A study done by Robin Demark found that many gamers find positive aspects to video gaming such as enjoyment, feelings of achievement, friendship, and a sense of community (Demark, 2002). That sense of community is within the online gaming world itself, not the actual social community.

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The feeling of achievement caused by flow can possibly have a negative impact on the lives of the gamers. Positive correlations have been found between video gaming addiction and narcissism, another negative by-product of addictive gaming (Kim 2008). This isn’t always the case, but it is another potential negative impact that naming can have of the problematic players. It’s weird how video gaming can lead to becoming narcissistic but at the same time doesn’t actually do any good to one’s self concept.

It shows how thick the line is between the virtual world and the real world. If the positive emotions brought by flow would translate into a more positive self- concept then excessive gaming wouldn’t be as bad, but it doesn’t. There are significantly more negative results than the two positive results found. Even the sense of friendship’ gamers receive aren’t beneficiary in the long run, it’s more of a horn-term type of fix’. Excessive gaming becomes an even bigger problem when the by-product of it is more than Just psychological effects and leads to physical problems.

Although not common, there have been reported deaths due to too much gaming. In the sass, there was a lethal case video gaming in cases where a 26-year- old man from China who in 2007 collapsed and died of a heart attack after spending the entire lunar new year holiday playing computer games (Spencer 2007). All these of gaming. As the gamers real-world relationships decay, their social-world relationships flourish. Even though this sounds as a good thing for the players, it’s also Just another reason to play games or to play for a longer period of time.


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