Health play

Scarlet and her be break-up, her grades are slipping, and she has some family issues. Part l: Lena: Hey Ryan!! Aisha: Hey, Scarlet I have to tell you something .. Well I don’t think things between us are all too great… Lena: What? You’re breaking up with me? NOW of all times? You know how hard it is at home and how stressed I am over school… And l… Aisha: It’s Just not working. It’s for the better. Part 2: Scarlet is at a party and drinking from a cup of water. Molly, an older girl, starts talking to Scarlet trying to make her try her drink. Molly: What’s in the cup? Water?

Of course you’re too innocent for anything else. Scarlet: It’s my choice, I Just don’t like alcohol. And what’s wrong with water? Molly: Well, it’s fine. But the thing in my cup gives you such a buzz that you won’t ever go back to Just water. Plus, I heard what’s been happening in your life lately. You could use this, but if you’re too chicken then… Scarlet: *pauses to think* actually, pour me some… Part 3: Molly informs Scarlet there’s going to be a party soon and she has some “good stuff’. Aisha: This, weekend, Sophia’s throwing a bash for her 21st birthday and there’s going to be things there that take you too very peaceful place.

Scarlet: Whoa, 21 I don’t know Molly: Listen, its fine she’s an old friend of mine, Just come nothings going to happen! *At the party* Scarlet sees Molly inhaling from a suspicious object Scarlet: Molly!! Is that weed? Do you know how many brain cells that kills!! Molly: It’s fine. I only do it once in a while. I promise. Here take a hit. Scarlet: I’m alright. Molly: If you want to go to your happy place, then this is your ticket I’ll give you one more chance or you can leave.. Scarlet: Give me. Now this hasn’t only been peer pressure but also the strive to be popular and accepted among others.

Part 4: At Molly’s House: Molly runs in with bags. Scarlet: You’re here.. Eve been waiting for over an hour! Molly: Whoa, chill out Scar, you’ll get over your fit when you find out what I got us. This is stronger than anything you’ve taken and I got it for half!! Scarlet: No.. I can’t. Not this… L’s THIS HEROINE?! Molly: yeah.. Wait you’ve never tried it? Scarlet: mum.. Yeah.. I always do.. Give me a little.. Molly: Only a little? Scarlet: Give me a lot, okay? Molly smiles and the scene ends. Part 5: Scarlet and Molly have been hanging out more frequently and have experimented health play By Lenten she needs more. Scarlet: Molly!!

You haven’t returned my calls and texts. I asked about 50 times for some new .. You know.. Molly: You haven’t heard? Did I not tell you? I’m sober now I was at rehab that time I missed school. My parents threatened to take me to boot camp when they found my stash and they helped me recover.. Scarlet: Oh so you’re suddenly an angel, is that it? Well, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t need it at all! Molly: Darling, you needed it more than me. You had issues and you and I both know I saved you from facing them alone. Scarlet: Well I’d pick that any day over Ewing dependent on multiple drugs to help me get through the day.

Molly: You got yourself in this. I have to go. Scarlet is at school and sees her former friends who she traded for Molly and gets her report card which shows failing grades. She hasn’t paid attention in class because she is so obsessed with drugs that she has become dependent and she can’t focus on anything else. She is lonely and is facing withdrawal symptoms like hallucinations, social isolation, depression, and occasional strokes. Her old friend starts talking to her. Friend: What’s up with you..? You’ve shut everyone out, you don’t even know this searchers name and you’re shaking really badly..

Scarlet: No. I’m fine. Friend: No, I don’t think so. Scarlet: Okay let me put it like this: A crazy older girl introduced me to weed, heroine, alcohol, and other crazy types of drugs, she pressured me into going with her group who were ruining their lives along with mine. Ever since I stopped getting drugs from Molly, I have been going crazy and having these crazy symptoms. Eve gained 15 pounds, I can’t control my thoughts or my need for more drugs, I don’t even know what I’m going to do about my grades and my parents are worried and I Just… *faints* The End.