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The smell of chocolate engulfed my surroundings and a hearty smile filled my small face. This was it, the place where I was most content and fulfilled. My Nan moved across the kitchen as graceful as a dancer, she could do absolutely anything, she was magic. An old beetles track came onto the radio, and my mans face lit up as she recognized the tune. A Nan started to chant along I also realized I knew the song and sang along with her. Nan’s eyes brightened as she picked me off the bench, spinning e around, ‘you have the best voice in the world my darling!

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You’re going to become a star one day! ‘. ANd I believed her, she was always right. As children, we grow up in an illusion believing whatever our parents or other influential people in our life tell us. Sometimes parents may fall into a life where they decide to live vicariously through their children to soften the harsh reality of their own lives or to even find success in their children where they have fallen short in their own reality. Illusions re a belief that something exists when in fact it does not and is often a coping mechanism for many people in everyday life.

In some cases illusion can be a healthy escape but it can also be extremely unhealthy leading to bad mental health and possibly becoming a social pariah. Sometimes illusions or an unrealistic perspective of life can be so attractive that others start to believe it too. This is shown in Arthur Miller’s play ‘Death of a Salesman’. The protagonist Wily Loan has worked his whole life as an average salesman to pay off the mortgage on his house. Wily has lied to himself and his family about his reality for so long, influencing his family to follow in all the wrong dreams.

As a teenager, Will’s son Biff looked up to his father and is made to believe that being attractive will get him places in the business world. Following his father’s words Biff concentrates more on football than the class he is failing but when he is told he will have to repeat math and discovers Wily is having an affair Biff falls into reality and out of his fathers illusion. Sometimes when the laity becomes more attractive than the dreams, the illusion can be discarded. This is displayed in Chris Gillie’s film ‘Lars and the Real Girl’.

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After the guilt of his mothers death, loneliness and not meeting societies expectations, Lars creates himself a girlfriend, Bianca who is in fact a doll. At first Bianca helps in boosting Lars’ confidence and he becomes more involved in the society. However after a while Bianca becomes more of a hindrance to Lars and his reality becomes more likeable than his illusion. This displays that sometimes illusions can be helpful as well as attractive to be used as a coping mechanism to get over a traumatic event. You’re going to ace this, you’re the best’. Nan’s inspiring words helped me too walk with shaky legs onto stage. I felt the bright lights burn my skin and sweat covered my hands. Everything felt dizzy. In the distance I heard the music start, tears pricked my eyes and I ran off the stage and burst into tears. I felt embarrassment and it was all her fault, all my life she’d been telling me and encouraging me for this when I wasn’t ready. I was done. Illusions By oleomargarine


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