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Informative Speech Outline

Informative Speech Outline

By In Essay Samples On November 14, 2017

Investing In the Stock Market Thesis Statement (intro): The basic knowledge of the stock market, the personal benefit of investing, step by step instructions on how to invest, and the importance of investing as a whole will all be explained. Point One: What is the stock market? Transition One: What is gained by investing, as a personal benefit? Point Two: What is the importance of investing, as a whole?

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Transition Two: With the basic knowledge, next step is how to invest? Point Three: Instructions on investing in the stock market as a beginner. Transition Three (conclusion): It is your choice to use this knowledge to invest in the stock market! Audience Analysis: Could pertain to any of the ages in my class, and could benefit the audience with the knowledge of knowing how to begin investing. By minelayers

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