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Julia’s Food Booth Essay Sample

Julia’s Food Booth Essay Sample

By In Essay Samples On September 13, 2017

Teneika Smith
Strayer University
Professor Guo
Julia’s Food Booth Assignement # 3

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A. Formulate and work out an L. P. theoretical account for this instance.
x1=slices of pizza
x2= Hot Dogs
x3= Barbecue Sandwiches
Maximize. Z= $ 0. 75?1+ $ 1. 05?2+ $ 1. 35?3
$ 0. 75?1+ $ 0. 45?2+ $ 0. 90?3 & lt ; = $ 1500 ( cost )
24?1+16?2+25?3 & lt ; = 55. 296 square inches ( Oven Space )
***14 x 14 = 196 inches squared 196/8= 24. 5. The entire infinite available is 36 in. ten 48 in. = 1. 728 inches squared Then 1728 is multiplied by 16= 27. 648 in2. which is multiplied by 2 numbering 55. 296 square inches***

x1-x2-x3 & gt ; = 0 ( at least as many pieces of pizza as hot Canis familiariss and barbeque sandwiches ) x2-2?3 & gt ; = 0 ( at least twice every bit many hot Canis familiariss as barbeque sandwiches Non negative restraints
x1. x2. x3 are all & gt ; = 0

x1= $ 1250
x2= $ 1250
x3= $ 0
Julia’s net income for the first game should be $ 2. 250. The monetary values of the booth rental is $ 1000 per game and the oven rental is $ 600 for the six game season therefore the rental for the oven is $ 100 per game diminishing her first game net income to $ 1150. B. Measure the chance of borrowing money before the first game. Based on the consequences of the additive scheduling theoretical account in QM the double value is $ 1. 50. “The double value measures the addition in the nonsubjective function’s value per unit addition in the variable’s value” ( Frontline Solvers. 2012 ) . Borrowing money before the first game would increase Julia’s net income. The double value is $ 1. 50 for every extra dollar. C. Evaluate the chance of paying a friend $ 100 per game to help Julia would profit from engaging an extra friend to help her because holding another individual will let her to do more money because she could more than probably do all the nutrient required to make maximal net income. D. Analyze the impact of uncertainnesss on the theoretical account.

There are a twosome of factors that come to mind when thing about what could impact the gross revenues. For illustration. the conditions could make a job for Julia if it is raining so it would likely diminish the bend out at the game. There is besides the factor of demand if there are non many people who want pizza or hot Canis familiariss or barbeque so her net income will be changed.

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