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Language Analysis

Language Analysis

By In Essay Samples On November 15, 2017

The editorial asserts that the abuse and neglect of animals in zoos in Victoria needs action Tone: Concerned about the welfare of animals, Serious about allegations of animal neglect and Critical of zoos being too focused on entertaining humans. SST Supporting Argument: the employees at zoos are more interested in the entertainment for the people rather than the animals. OR… Zoos have difficulty in balancing meeting the needs of animals versus providing entertainment for the public. Persuasive Language and Examples: -Statistics- readers may be persuaded by viewing the statistics as reliable evidence that zoos are under pressure to raise funds from the public and other sources since government finding has been educed.

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Expert opinion -name, credentials, what they say- readers may also believe the view of Peter Stored based on this former experience and qualifications Curator: A keeper or custodian to a museum or others. Peter Stored agrees to saying the entertainment goes to the people at the expense of the animals Appeal to traditions- zoos have improved animal welfare in recent years Praise: Given to the Horrible Zoo for its ability to “replicate that[of animals] habitat as closely, and as practically as possible. The editor balances their concern about zoos with recognizing the improvements have been made in animal welfare and re- creating natural habitats as is the case of Horrible Zoo. This positions readers to see the editorial as being fair in its approach to the issue 2nd Supporting Argument: The editor is also concerned that some animals are in caged enclosures and are still used for the entertainment of the public Persuasive Language and Examples:- Photograph: shows an extreme close- up of the face of an elephant behind the bars of a caged enclosure.

The photograph reinforces the concern about zoos confining animals and not keeping them in their natural habitat- The content of the photograph encourages readers to sympathies with the elephant because it looks like it is suffering behind bars. These bars create the impression of imprisonment which would be upsetting for readers who were animal lovers. Rhetorical Questions: Quote 6 questions as examples- these questions directly require readers to question the purpose of a zoo.

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The audience engaged in wondering about the value of a zoo ND whether it exists for the benefit of animals or for human entertainment. Readers are left to agree that zoos educate, preserve and entertain. Title of Text: A team Language Analysis By Drearier Author: Doctor Helen McCracken Author’s position or associations: Senior Veterinarian an Zoos Victoria Source: The Age Newspaper Main Contention: The people in Zoos Victoria mainly focus on the safety and caring of the animals Tone: 1st Supporting Argument: Persuasive Language: Inclusive Language 2nd Supporting Argument:


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