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Quality Management and Quality Enhancement

Quality Management and Quality Enhancement

By In Essay Samples On November 15, 2017

However, as the Sultanate of Man’s HESS experience an unprecedented growth in the past three decades, the 21st century global development in the higher education also progresses on an even faster phase (Carol et al. , 2012). The primary key for the Sultanate of Oman to enhance its higher education is to sustain quality management through infrastructural and policy change together with an effective use of available technologies (Carol et al. , 2012).

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Thinking about elevating the quality of higher education encompasses an understanding of the mechanisms that translate the fundamental principles of genealogically enhanced learning experience of science into curricula. Understanding the principles of technology-enhanced learning requires analysis of data drawn from participant interaction. The analysis of interaction may lead to constructing the fundamental hypothesis that is paramount in developing new learning and teaching practices.

The role of technology in enhancing the quality of higher education most specifically for the Sultanate of Oman is the ability of the learners to gain more access to information and knowledge. The availability of materials online enables the earner to independently seek for information that is imperative to the learning process. Furthermore, technological platforms such as mobile, wireless data transfer, the learners.

Social media for instance does not only engage the learners into a community-oriented learning environment, but also encourages development and sharing of new knowledge. In addition, having engaged in a virtual community allows learners to reach out to support groups in real-time. The virtual community takes part in sharing of knowledge while educators adopt the role of mentors that guide students in the learning process. References Carroll, M. , Razor, S. , & Goodlier, T. (2009).

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