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Trust Issues

Trust Issues

By In Essay Samples On November 15, 2017

Another tiring day at work has come to an end and here I am, exhausted as usual. My boss’s voice still ringing in my ears, “Stephanie do this! Stephanie do that! ” If only I had the confidence to stand up to him and tell him to shut it. I never thought working at a fashion magazine would be this crazy and demanding; it’s driving me insane. Being a 23 year old girl in London, working at a major fashion magazine isn’t easy. My social life doesn’t exist anymore even though I get invited to fancy parties all the time. It’s not my thing.

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My colleagues at work constantly tell me it shouldn’t be hard for a beautiful girl like me to find a decent man but it’s hard for me – I have trust issues you see. Got my heart broken so many times that I find it hard to trust my only male friend too. Eve known Carlo for a few years now but we’ve never been as close as we are now. Carlo is the tall, dark and handsome type of guy that every girl dreams of having. He knows everything about me and I like to think I know everything about him too. He finds my imperfections perfect, something I will never understand.

My dark brown hair needs some color but he insists I keep it the way it is. I have a scar that Eve detested ever since I got it from a childhood accident, on the back of my right shoulder. He caresses it with his soft fingers and kisses it overtime it’s exposed and calls it beautiful, which is Oh so sweet of him. I get showered with compliments overtime I’m feeling lonely or distressed. He sits in front of me and has this melancholy look on his face as he listens to me rambling on about my problems and mundane life.


My name is Mark

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