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Red Scare Eugene Debs -Socialist leader -Imprisoned Palmer Raids – sass’s -US Attorney General Mitchell Palmer -Hunted down communists, socialists, and anarchists (People who opposed any form of goof) -Many foreigners deported ;Trampled civil rights Mail Bombings -Many bombs were mailed to goof and business leaders -Public became fearful of Communism taking over -Led to […]


Criteria ref. To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the student is able to: 23 MM 03 sonic components hear and describe/explain/comment critically on sonic and musical faults in recordings or performances BRIEF There is a big difference between hearing music and listening to it. This assignment aims to advance and test your […]

How poets keep language alive

How do poets help to keep language alive? Poets are known for their witty use of language, often stringing together long seeming unconnected thoughts, and manipulating words to rhyme. Poets have the ability to make the reader feel any type of emotion they would like. Some poets write light hearted poems, or others stick with […]

Notes on prep

Discuss this statement. [1 5 marks] MISS White SSL: -Power point on the Impact of seawater Intrusion, subsidence, pollution due to concentration and Impacts on river flows. Use the hyperlinks given to help and the ‘groundwater management’ summary document Issued In class (you also have this electronically) to obtain additional links If you need too. […]

AIDS annotated bibliography

This source also talks about the global fund and how several countries have come together to form programs and plans to prevent further spread. The position of this source is taking the next step, all together as countries, to prevent the spread of this disease which Is impacting the mortality rates as well as the […]

Multiple Identity Crisis

Multiple Identity Crisis It was the summer before my Junior year of high school that my life changed. My mother, along with my stepfather, younger brother, and sister had moved to Oregon. My older sister and I stayed on Maim, although it took a lot of convincing and persuading my mother that I could handle […]

Financial verses Managerial Accounting

Financial verses Managerial Accounting BY Fret;12 Fundamentals of Accounting: Managerial verses Financial Accounting Fundamentals of Accounting cacti 22 Fundamentals of Accounting: Managerial verses Financial Accounting What has the organization in its focus; futuristic planning, financial control, and data based decision making affecting its reports and suggestions; and an emphasis on relevance and timeliness in its […]

Unequal Medical Treatments

Well one reason that is supported by data is communication issues between the patient and the nurse or doctor that is treating the person. So I ask myself is that being bias. In this essay I will be discussing examples of racial bias In the medical field. I will explain how being a different race […]

To What Extent Was Religion

What Charles mainly spent the money he gained however, was mainly to improve the religious rights in England decorating Churches, which were very expensive) and to fund for wars against the main Catholic powers, such as France and Spain. The main actions or events that Charles was strongly associated with or at least responsible for […]

Integration of Faith

Master Project Manager: A view of Biblical History as It applies to Project Management. When God allowed Joseph to interpret Pharaohs dreams he was placed as second in command to the country of Egypt. Joseph was immediately responsible for planning and executing how the people would survive seven years of unimaginable famine. “The abundance In […]