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Simon Newcomb’s Early Astronomical Career

Simon Newcomb’s Influence extended far beyond his scientific colleagues of the last third of the nineteenth century and beyond his death in 1909. One of the greatest practitioners of dynamical astronomy, he garnered a heroicreputation through his work on the[...]

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The Supermassive Black Holes Mystery

Supermassive Black Holes have a tremendous effect on the surrounding universe. But before we go into all of that lets get the basics down first, like what is a SMBH? A SMBH is exactly what it sounds like: a very[...]

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The Velicovsky Predictions

Venus was a comet before it became a planet ca 1500bc. High surface temperature of Venus in 100″s of degrees and a massive surface pressure. Retrograde revolution of Venus. Anomalous behavior. Petroleum products in atmosphere of Venus. Plastic constitution of[...]

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