What is Biodiversity?

INTRODUCTION Biodiversity will inevitably take a beating. Humans care about nothing but themselves even though every action a human makes effects another organism in some way, shape or form, whether the effect is positive or negative. The world is past due for a change in attitude and activity on this planet in order to ensure […]

Enviroment science

In this assignment I will demonstrate knowledge of the significance of environmental science in buildings. I will look at and analyze the built environment in respect of, thermals, Ventilations, Acoustics, Light and Condensation. Environmental Design Environmental design is the process of addressing Natural environment parameters when devising plans, programs, policies, buildings, or products. Examples of […]

Fire – stages of a fire, fire resistance of different building materials, construction to resist fire

1.1. FIRE PROTECTION From the fire tetrahedron, we learnt that we could stop fire by obstructing the chain reaction(s), hence, by means of: Reduce the fuel Reduce the oxygen Reduce the heat Is it possible? For the sake of fire safety in building, we have implemented measures to overcome this issue, for example: Element of […]

Sustainable House

The overwhelming body of scientific evidence showing that climate change is a serious and urgent issue. In 2004, more than a quarter of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions came from the energy we use to heat, light and run our homes (Department for Communities and Local Government, 2010a). Our commitment to the Kyoto Agreement to […]

Communities and Local Government highlight water efficiency as a key priority

Water covers about 70% of the earth’s surface but only 1% of that water is clean and suitable for drinking. That is why water is so important. However, because in most countries clean water can be accessed very easily, people usually take it for granted and have little or no concern for its availability. An […]

Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory

Using Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory (sometimes referred to as the bioecological theory) identify the major features of this theory (the 5 systems in particular) and critically apply them to your own life, evaluating how well they explain your development. I am 48, female, married and a mother of two girls. I am educated, a scientist, a […]