Numerical integration coursework

Problem For this coursework, I am going to use my knowledge of numerical methods to produce an approximation to an area which does not have an analytic solution. I will be finding the approximation, to an appropriate degree of accuracy, of the integral shown above. On the graph below is the area that I will […]

The Effects of Nuclear Power on the Environment

The discovery of the nuclear fission of heavy nuclei occurred prior to the Second World War after some significant investigations of nuclear physics (The History of Nuclear Technology, ICJT Nuclear Training Centre, 2001). In 1939, in Germany, Otto Hahn was the first scientist to prove nuclear fission (2001). “The origin of nuclear power begins with […]

Einstein and his Incredible mind

He started the four-year course to become a physics teacher in the fall of that year. But he soon grew bored, and he spent a great deal of time studying on his own, learning about the newest discoveries, and questioning the foundations of classical physics. It was around this time that he began questioning the […]