August Delight

Late 1929 fun in St. Louis There can be few more satisfying things in baseball, for players and fans alike, than defeating the New York Yankees. This was as true in the 1920s as it is today. In the case of the historically inept St. Louis Browns, it was even more so. The Browns’ best-known […]

How organization of thought can improve memory

Please read my comments on the essay plan. In this essay, I will look at how organization of thought can improve memory by discussing Mental mental images, Concepts concepts and Schemasschemas,. I will look at what they are and how they have been proven to help improve our memory with evidence from various experiments. Ok […]

The Relativity of Genotypes and Phenotypes

Only barely disguising the selfcentered interest of its authors, Hermstein and Murray’s (1994) The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life presents a modern day fairy tale of its own. Its question, however, is quite the opposite of that asked in the classic noted above. Who, Dfcar Mirror, it asks, is the worst […]

Characterization of an enzyme

Enzyme is a protein molecule that acts as the biological catalyst of chemical reaction where the substrates are converted into products. With the aids of enzyme, the rate of reaction will be increased since the enzyme provides an alternative pathway for reaction by lowering the activation energy needed (Taylor et al., 1997). An enzyme is […]

Discuss the biology of muscular dystrophy

One of the most baffling diseases is muscular dystrophy. Muscular dystrophy (MD) is a group of genetic disease that causes weakness and progressive degeneration of skeletal muscles. There are 9 major forms of MD – Duchenne, Becker, myotonic, limb-girdle, facioscapulohumeral, oculopharyngeal, Emery-Dreifuss, distal and congenital(Parker 2002). This essay will focus on the causes and pathological […]

Nettie M. Stevens and the Discovery of Sex Determination

During the first decade of the twentieth century it was established that the sex of almost all many-celled biological organisms is determined at the moment of fertilization by the combination of two kinds of microscopic entities. the X and Y chromosomes,‘ This discovery was the culmination of more than two thousand years of speculation and […]

Plan, Perform, Monitor and evaluate your own fitness programme for Football

Plan, Perform, Monitor and evaluate your own fitness programme for Football in order to demonstrate and apply knowledge and understanding of fitness training Principles Many things affect your performance in games. Training preparation and fitness definitely affect your performance in games this is because when you train you improve everything needed to play football. If […]

The human mind is a delicate thing

Fragility The human mind is a delicate thing. At times it can create such wonderful ideas: beautiful art, drama and works of fiction; scientific tools to enrich our lives. Yet it has a dark side, a side people prefer to keep hidden. However there are events which can bring this to the surface; My name […]

Fitness Testing

My name is Sahin Ivecen, I am a fitness instructor at Turin Grove school Exercise test’s this presentation includes  1.Flexibility 2.Strength  3.Aerobic Endurance 4.Speed  5.Power 6.Muscular Endurance  7.Body Composition  8.Balance  9.Co-ordintion  10. Reaction time Flexibility Flexibility is the absolute range of movement in a joint or series of joints and muscles that is attainable in […]

Personal Exercise Programme

Aim To increase my core and upper body strength, in conjunction to the expected muscle hypertrophy of the major muscle groups I would expect my BIA reading to drop. I play in the scrum in rugby therefore it is essential to have a strong neck and back, combined with overall core strength. Background Before last […]

Teenagers and Drugs

They come in different shapes, sizes and forms, and can cost anything from your weekly pocket money to the thousands. As controversial and political as this maybe, as a society we are facing a new age war of DRUGS and all the consequences it brings with it. Our primary aim for the last half term […]

Theory of Availability – Trace Decay Theory

1. The trace decay theory argues that memories become less available over time as our brains create a path or ‘trace’ to each memory which, if we don’t rehearse it, will fade away and we will no longer be able to remember it anymore. It argues that once the trace has faded, that particular memory […]

3 min speech on smoking

Everyday in Great Britain about 450 children start smoking, 1 in 4 who turn into regular smokers by the age of 15. Would you want your child to become addicted to smoking? Cigarettes smoke contains over 4,800 chemicals and 69 are known to cause cancer. So why do people smoke? Why is smoking so harmful? […]

Edexcel GCSE Statistics Coursework plan

This investigation is based upon the students of Mayfield High School, a fictitious school- there are 1182 students at Mayfield presented within 13 categories. I will be investigating the relationship between height and weight and how these statistics differ between females and males. I have chosen to look at height and weight mainly because in […]

The hockey is the main sport that i play

Background The sport that I am working to improve is hockey as it is the main sport that I play. I currently play for my school 1st XI and also for a club team. I play about five times a week, which includes the matches of about two a week on average plus training sessions. […]