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Social realism, race and the human sciences

Proponents of the social realism perspective in the history and sociology of the human sciences have recently begun to legitimate an interpretation of scientists and their work which used to be viewed as credible solely in circles of scholars of[...]

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Heartbeet Lifesharing – The Whole Human Being in Relation to Karma

Heartbeet Lifesharing has been hosting anthroposophical youth conferences twice a year since October 2002. The gatherings always take place over Memorial Day weekend in May and Columbus Day weekend in October. On May 24, 2008, 50 people gathered from as[...]

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To See In Context – My Experience Of Studying With Nicanor Perlas

“Socially-Engaged Spirituality” was the name of a five-day course that I recently participated in at the Rudolf Steiner Institute in Vermont. I went as a part of Think OutWord, a new peer-led training in social entrepreneurship, which as a group[...]

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The Beginnings of the Anthroposophic Youth Movement

A youth movement is a riddle.  Apathy might deliver an easy answer to this riddle but the easiness and it’s lack of depth will simply leave us dull and dissatisfied.  An independent youth movement is an amazing event.  It is[...]

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The Relationship Between Youth and Elders in Effecting Positive Change

I’m sure there are a myriad of ways in which to effect positive change in the world. The one that I am currently inspired by is the act or practice of Socially Engaged Spirituality, as was introduced to me at[...]

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Kindling the Flame: Greg Mortenson’s Three Cups of Tea

Every once in a while I encounter a book that encompasses everything I could desire in a singular experience: happiness, sorrow, questions, shock, and inspiration. Greg Mortenson and David Olive Relin’s Three Cups of Tea is a treasure that exudes[...]

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Free Will & Technology

More hours per day spent listening to an iPod than listening to husband or wife. A greater number of people on the morning commute bus talking or typing on their phones than are having conversations with the person next to them.[...]

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Engaging A Community Of Change

Being a part of a progressive community, many of us find it easy enough to challenge the status quo of the world in which we live. But we need to move into being able to challenge our own status quo.[...]

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Think OutWord: A Peer-Led Training in Social Threefolding

“Whether I can help, I know not; an individual helps not, but he who combines himself with many at the proper hour. We will postpone the evil and keep hoping. Hold thy circle fast…” – J. W. Goethe, from The[...]

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Finding Articles and Journals via Google Scholar, Journal Portals, and Link Resolvers: Usability Study Results

In the academic environment, finding articles by citation and finding journal titles are two common tasks. Letnikova found 86 percent of the twenty-two academic library homepage studies she reviewed included a task asking participants to find a journal title in[...]

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Creative writing Pleasure turns sour

A big beautiful mansion sitting right up the road of a busy small town. The outer parts is as beautiful as a paradise and it everyman’s fantasy with a welcoming golden writing hanging on the beautiful light blue wall. The[...]

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With reference to a named city, explain what is meant is by ‘urban re-imaging’?

There is no escaping the fact that most cities in the UK are trying to gain some type of status to encourage people back in. These efforts, usually evoked by City councils, can be otherwise know as Urban re-imaging and[...]

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Feasibility Study

Background The owner of this plot of land, located on the outskirts of the village of Hothfield, near Ashford, is looking to develop this land as in recent years it has only been used as a game farm. There are[...]

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Current Awareness

All property everywhere obviously has an impact on its surroundings. The question is, is this impact, on its environment, negative and thus not sustainable in that facet? In recent years this notion of sustainability has risen to the forefront of[...]

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Analysis on China real estate industry

Introduction Nowadays, the topic about Chinese real estate market could be the hottest. We have done some research on the Chinese real estate market in this report, and we would like to focus on the Chinese real estate bubble analysis.[...]

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Real Estate Market Analysis of the Condominium Market in Singapore

5 Condominium Subsectors in Singapore The condominium market in Singapore could be broadly classified into 5 subsectors, namely, the Mass Market (lower middle), the Upper Middle Class, Executive Condominium (EC), the Luxury and the Super Luxury. The price ranges from[...]

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Urban planning of orchard road

1. Timeline 1.1 Orchard Road Land Use History The timeline above shows an overview of the land use development of Orchard Road. The land was initially used for plantations and graveyards. It was then slowly utilized for commercial developments and[...]

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Public Works, Public Space

Subject Area: Le Corbusier; City for Three Million Inhabitants. ‘Using Le Corbusier’s unbuilt proposal, A Contemporary City of Three Million, examine its relationships to underlying ideologies about forms of public life.’ “A town is a tool. Towns no longer fulfil[...]

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History of Lacrosse

Lacrosse is an ancient athletics that was used to go through clip and was played to pattern and better the Native American people’s accomplishments. The manner lacrosse was played so is a batch different than how is played today. Besides.[...]

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Photography Ideology Society

For many old ages now sociologists, critics, and authors have been intrigued with the thought of picture taking and interested in the construct of political orientation itself, every bit good as what political orientations have been or can be presented[...]

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A Study of Marginalised Communities in Mahasweta Devi’s ‘Rudali’

Harmonizing to the Hindu beliefs in India, caste system has organised society in a hierarchal position. Its beginning can be seen in the Varna’s i.e. the functional grouping which originated from ancient Aryan society. The caste system in India is[...]

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The History Of The Mobilink Company

Orascom Telecom Holding S.A.E. or OTH was established in 1998 and has grown to go a major participant in the telecommunication market in the universe. OTH is considered amongst the largest and most diversified web operator in the Middle East,[...]

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The Important Factors In Vba Process Design

The most of import factor to construct in to the VBA ‘s procedure design is constituted by dependableness instead than the other operation aims. It is because the accomplishments of this nonsubjective catalyze the accomplishments of the other aims. In[...]

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Designing A New Organizational Structure Commerce Essay

In good development concerns, leaders often make the alteration. They must contend against stagnancy and the traditional elements, and attempts to get the better of barriers to alter. To implement successfully, directors must hold the desire to implement alteration. Without[...]

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Trade-based money laundering

1. Introduction In general, there are three chief methods by which condemnable administrations and terrorist moneymans move money for the intent of masking its beginnings and incorporating it back into the formal economic system. The first involves the motion of[...]

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