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2nd grade Ancient Egypt Review

2nd grade Ancient Egypt Review

By In Flashcards On November 15, 2017

Question Answer
What word describes the design of buildings? architecture
What word means long, long ago? Ancient
What was the written language used by Ancient Egyptians? hieroglyphics
What is the kind of weather an area has over a long period of time? climate
What are surroundings? environment
What did the ancient people make that affect the present world? contributions
What were the three inventions of the Ancient Egyptians? clock, 365-day calendar, and paper made from papyrus
What was the climate in Egypt? hot and dry
What type of land was in Egypt? deserts
What was found along the Nile River's fertile ground? grasses
How did the Ancient Egyptians adapt the land near the Nile River? irrigation
What continent is Egypt located on? Africa
What was the famous architecture of Egypt? pyramids
When the Nile River would flood, what did it give the people? rich soil for farming
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