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Answers from journey across time workbook

Answers from journey across time workbook

By In Flashcards On November 15, 2017

Term Definition
Megalopolises Areas where cities have grown so large that they run into each other
Developing Countries Countries seeking to industrialize
Developed Countries Countries that have long been industrialized and can offer a higher standard of living
Standard of Living The measure of a person's wealth and personal well-being
Deforestation The clearing of forests
Habitats The special environments required for certain organisms to live
Desertification The turning of fertile land into a desert
Droughts Long periods without rain
Subsistence Farmers People that grow just enough food to meet their needs
Slums Rundown, poverty-stricken portions of a city
Nonrenewable Resources Coal, petroleum, or natural gas
Acid Rain Poisonous downpours that have killed forests in both North America and Europe
Greenhouse Effect Gases trap solar energy in the form of heat
Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) Gases used in aerosols, air conditioning, refrigerators, and foam packaging
Ozone Hole A seasonal reduction of ozone over Antarctica
Sustainable Development Economic developments that do not limit the ability of future generations
Green Revolution In the 1970s people declared the so-called green revolution as a solution to feeding the world's population, it provided new strands of rice, corn, and other grains that have high yields, however it needed more pesticides to work
Antarctica The ozone hole is above here
Sahel An area hit the hardest by desertification
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