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Chapter 4 Vocabulary

Chapter 4 Vocabulary

By In Flashcards On December 7, 2017

Question Answer
Backcountry A colonial region that ran along the Appalachian Moutains through the far western part of the New England, Middle, and southern colonies.
Subsistence Farming A farm that produces enough food for the family with a small additional amount for trade.
Triangular trade The name given to a trading route with three stops.
Smuggling To illegally import or export goods.
Cash crops A crop grown by a farmer to be sold for money rather than for personal use.
Gristmills A mill in which grain is ground to produce flour or meal.
Diversity A variety of people.
Artisans A crafts person.
Conestoga wagons A vehicle with wide wheels and a curved bed.
Indigo A plant grown in the southern colonies that yields a deep blue dye.
Eliza Lucas Introduced indigo as a sucessful plantation crop after her father sent her to watch over his plantations when she was 17.
Stono Rebellion A 1739 uprising of slaves in South Carolina leading to the tightening of already harsh slave laws.
Appalachian Mountains A mountain range that stretches from eastern Canada south to Alabama.
Fall line The point at which a waterfall prevents large boats from moving farther upriver.
Piedmont A broad plateau that leads to the foot of a mountain range.
Clans A large group of families that claim a common ancestor.
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