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Developments in GA & Indian Removal

Developments in GA & Indian Removal

By In Flashcards On November 14, 2017

Question Answer
invented by Eli Whitney — made cotton farming productive — allowed cotton to become "king". Cotton Gin
2 largest Indian nations living in Georgia during the Colonial and Revolutionary War periods Creek and Cherokee
led to the removal of Cherokee Indians from Georgia discovery of gold in Dahlonega
bill passed by US government in 1830 — called for the removal of Native Americans from southern states Indian Removal Act of 1830
2 major agricultural products after Revolutionary War cotton and tobacco
first public university in America – 1785 — provided higher education at affordable cost University of Georgia
headright system distributed Indian lands to new settlers
replaced the headright system as a way of distributing land land lottery
land companies bribed members of legislature to buy land cheaply at below-market prices Yazoo Land Fraud
Creek chief — signed a treaty giving up the last Creek lands in GA to federal government — murdered by his own people William McIntosh
removal of the Cherokee from Georgia Trail of Tears
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court —- ruled in favor of the Cherokee nation as being independent and able to govern itself John Marshall
Cherokee leader who established a written constitution and represented the Cherokee before Congress in opposing the idea of giving up land John Ross
campaigned on the idea that Native Americans should be relocated to land in the west – when he ran for president Andrew Jackson
The Supreme Court case that stated the Cherokee as being a sovereign nation with the capability to rule itself apart from Georgia law was __________. Worcester v. Georgia
Why did Georgia's first capital become inconvenient as a state capital during the early 1800s? population moving west – Savannah was not centrally located
Impact railroads had on Georgia and the rest of the south transport of goods at a much faster rate.
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