English Colonies

Question Answer
What colonies make up the New England colonies? New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island
What 2 groups settled the New England colonies? Pilgrims and Puritans
For what reason did the English come to New England? Religious freedom
The New England colonies were not made up of plantations, but instead… Towns
What was a major industry in the New England colonies? Timber/shipbuilding
What colonies make up the Middle colonies? New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware
Who settled Pennsylvania in the Middle colonies? William Penn
What religious group settled in the Middle colonies, and was accepting of all people? Quakers
Quakers believed all people are… Equal
What colonies make up the Southern Colonies? Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia
Southern Colonies are made up of large… Plantations
Who worked on the plantations? Slaves
What small island in the Caribbean attributed to the slave culture in the Carolina colony? Barbados
Why did the Southern Colonies focus on agriculture? They had mild climates and fertile land