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Exploration of US and SC

Exploration of US and SC

By In Flashcards On November 15, 2017

Question Answer
What is the name of large Spanish plantations, where natives were forced to work? Encomienda
What is a conquistador? A Spanish explorer
What was brought over by the Europeans that helped wipe out many natives? Diseases
What was the main religion brought by the Spaniards and French? Catholic
Which European explorers established friendly trading relations with the Natives? The French
What was the name of the first settlement, established by the Spanish, in SC? San Miguel de Gualpe
What was wrong with the locations of San Miguel de Gualpe, San Felipe and Charlesfort? Swampy land
What abandoned French settlement did the Spanish use to build San Felipe? Charlesfort
What was the only permanent settlement established in SC? Charles Town
Which European settlers established the first permanent colony in SC? English
Along what coast did the English claim land for their king? East
Which SC settlement was built by the Spanish, on top of the abandoned Charlesfort? San Felipe
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