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Flash cards on environmental challenges

Flash cards on environmental challenges

By In Flashcards On January 8, 2018

Question Answer
Megalopolis Areas were cities have grown so large they run into each other
Developing cities Countries seeking to industrialize, but still wanting to follow traditional ways
Developed countries Have long been industrialized and can offer a higher standard of living
Deforestation The clearing of forests
Habitat The special environments required for particular organisms to live
Desertification Turning fertile land into deserts
Substance farmers Growing just enough food to meet their needs
Slum The rundown poverty stricken portions of the city
No renewable resource Takes millions of years to produce and once its all used up its gone forever
Acid rain Poisonous downpours that have killed forests in both North America and Europe
Greenhouse effect The gasses trap solar energy in the form of heat
Chlorofluorocarbons The gasses used in aerosols, air conditioner, refrigerators, and foam packaging has also raised concern among scientists
Ozone layer Absorbs most of the suns cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation
Ozone hole A hole that forms over Antarctica and starts to form in August and reaches its largest size by October
Sustainable development Economic development that does not limit the ability of future generations to meet their needs
Green revolution A solution to feed the worlds population
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