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Term Definition
Boycott An organized protest in which people refuse to buy or use something
Goals of Gandhi He did not want violence to get freedom, he wanted to end british rule, he wanted peace between muslims and hindus, he wanted to ent discrimination against the untouchable caste
civil disobedience A non-violent protest against the government that Gandhi and his followers used as a principle to end british rule
The Salt March When gandhi and his followers refused to buy salt from british dealers.They went 240 miles to the sea and made their own salt which was illegal. The all got arrested and getting arrested became a symbol of patriotism for indians
Pakistan When the british left India, Pakistan became an independent muslim state
Muhammad Ali Jinnah He got chosen as the leader of Pakistan
Jawaharlal Nehru When India gained independence from Britain, he was made their first prime minister
Gandhi after independence (what he did, how he died) He was deeply saddened by the violence. He announced he would fast until violence ended. Violence came to a stop when this happened.In 1948 a Hindu shot him.
Kashmir A province Pakistan and India fought over
Green Revolution Organization that helped feed the people in India. It got its name from changes in crops and agricultural practices.
Indria Gandhi Jawarahl Nehrus daughter who became Indias first female prime minister
Bangladesh East Pakistan went independent from west Pakistan and west Pakistan became the nation of Bangladesh
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