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History Early Settlements & New England Colonies Study Stack

History Early Settlements & New England Colonies Study Stack

By In Flashcards On December 7, 2017

Question Answer
Who is monarch of England who financed the "Lost Colony"? Queen Elizabeth I
Who sent the first English colonist to the New World in 1587? Sr Walter Raleigh
What is the first permanent colony in America? Jamestown
Who was an undisputed leader of the first permanent English colony in America? James Smith
What was the Virginia winter of 1609-10 referred to as? The Starving Time
What was the first group that arrived in Virginia in 1619? Pilgrims (?)
What was Virginia's most profitable export by 1620? tobacco
What Virginia's representative government? House of Burgesses
When the pilgrims and the puritans were mistreated, what was this called? Persecution
What was the one reason many people came to America in the 17th century? They wanted to gain religious freedom
Protestants who wanted to reforms the Anglican Church were called… Puritans
This document was written by the Plymouth colonies as a contract for law and order Mayflower Compact
The Pilgrims survived in Plymouth because the help of Squanto and Samoset
Where did the Puritans build their "City upon a hill?" Massachusetts Bay
To which colony did people travel during the "Great Migration?" Massachusetts Bay
The first written constitution in America was… Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Where was the first place in America where religious tolerance was practiced? Rhode Island
What are the New England Colonies? Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire
Who were the Pilgrims? They were separatists who believed the Church of England was corrupt
Where did the Mayflower land? (how many passengers did it carry) It landed off Plymouth, MA (100 passengers including 35 pilgrims)
What did people come to America seeking? Self-government and religious freedom
Who led about 900 people to Massachusetts Bay (Boston) John Winthrop
Who found Massachusetts? John Winthrop
Why did Connecticut form? Thomas Hooker (a Puritan minister) didn't like the way the Puritans governed the colony of Massachusetts
Where did Hooker lead his congregation to? West to the Connecticut River (Hartford)
What was the first written constitution in America? Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Who found Connecticut? Thomas Hooker
How did Rhode Island form? Roger Williams (another puritan minister) disagreed with the Puritans persecution of non Puritans
What happened to Roger Williams when he disagreed with the Puritans? He was banished from Massachusetts
Where did Roger Williams go and what happened when he was banished from Massachusetts? He went north where Indians provided them with food and shelter for the winter
How could people in Rhode Island worship? Freely
Who was the founder of Rhode Island? Roger Williams
Who founded(s) New Hampshire? Sir Fernando Gorges and John Mason


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