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History Southern Colonies Study Stack

History Southern Colonies Study Stack

By In Flashcards On December 7, 2017

Question Answer
What are the Southern Colonies? Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia
Who was the driving force that granted Sir George Calvert a charter to establish Maryland? King Charles I
Why did King Charles I grant a charter to Sir George Calvert for Maryland? The colony was for Catholics so that they could worship freely.
When Calvert died who took over his dream and why? His son, Cecilia Calvert, because he realized his fathers dream.
When the settlers of Maryland sailed up Chesapeake Bay where did they settle? St. Mary's
In the beginning of Maryland's growth who outnumber who? Protestants settlers outnumbered Catholics.
What was passed to protect the Catholics in Maryland? The Act of Toleration
In the Protestant-controlled assembly in Maryland, what was made the official church of Maryland? The Angelica Church
What happened to the Catholics in Maryland? They were persecuted again, much like they had been in England.
Who found Maryland? Sir George Calvert
For Virginia know about Roanoke and Jamestown.
Who found the Carolinas? 8 nobles
Who granted the Carolinas to the eight nobles King Charles II
What kind of colony was the carolinas? Proprietary colony
What town was first established in the carolinas? Charles Town
Who wrote the Carolinas constitution? John Locke
What kind of people were in North Carolina? poor farms from Virginia
What did North Carolina rely in? Virginia ports and merchants
What was it like in North Carolina? There were mostly small farms with few slaves
What did South Carolina have that North Carolina didn't have A better harbor (Charles Town)
What was South Carolina like? It had large plantation that grew rice and indigo
Did South Carolina have slaves? Yes
Where were the South Carolina slaves from? Barbados, West Indies
Who was the majority of South Carolina population made up of? Enslaved Africans
What was the last of the 13 colonies? Georgia
What did Georgia do for the other colonies? It help protect them from the Spanish Florida attacks
Who received a charted to establish something in Georgia? James Oglethorpe
What did James Oglethorpe establish? The Haven for Debtors
What was Oglethorpe's Vision? He wanted the colonies people to be hard-working, independent, protestant, small farms, and he also banned slavery, Catholicism, and rum
When Georgia was changing what were some of the things that changed? Larger landholdings were available and the band on slavery and rum were lifted (though you could still not practice Catholicism)
What happened to Georgia in 1752? Georgia was turned back over to the king
How does the Triangular Trade work? -Enslaved Africans were shipped to the West Indies and then onto the British colonies
-New England shipped good to Europe
-Europe shipped manufactured good to Africa
What was the Middle Passage? Where slaves were tightly packed into ships and shipped to the West Indies (most inhumane part of the Triangular Trade) Some did not make the journey
Where did slaves mostly live in the New World? In the South on plantations
What was the Slave Code or the behavior conducts for slaves? -Isolation
-Severe punishment
-Fugitive slaves
Did any slaves have a chance at freedom, if yes how? Yes if they were skilled workers


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