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History Topic 3 Dates 2011

History Topic 3 Dates 2011

By In Flashcards On December 7, 2017

Date Name Description
1967 Referendum Aboriginals were classified as citizens
1966 Wave Hill Strike 1st push towards land rights
1965 Freedom Rides Protest against segregation and living conditions of Aboriginal people which was a major push towards the referendum
January 1966 Harold Holt succeeded Menzies Signed UN Accord for the Elimination of All forms of Racial Discrimination
1971 Grove Land Rights The system of law in the area before 1788 was recognised however it was legally replaced by British law
26th January 1978 Tent Embassy Focused attention on government's policies towards its indigenous people
1973 Woodward Royal Commission Northern and Central Land Councils were established in NT
1976 Aboriginal Land Rights Bill Aboriginals allowed to claim Crown Land and refuse mining on Aboriginal land unless it is in the national interest
1982-1992 Mabo Case Terra nullius was overturned and Native title recognised
1993 Native Title Act Recognised native title and prevented native title claims on land leased by pastoralists
1993-1996 Wik Decision Pastoral leases did not extinguish native title
1998 Native Title Ammendment Tightened up land rights claims and removed the right to negotiate with pastoralists
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