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History Topic 3 Definitions 2011

History Topic 3 Definitions 2011

By In Flashcards On December 7, 2017

Question Answer
Assimilate To become absorbed into a community; to blend into another way of life
Indigenous The term used to describe the 'first peoples' of a particular country
Integration The act of joining things together to make a whole
Land rights Indigenous people's claims to land they occupy or used to occupy
Native title Legal recognition of the existence of indigenous people's law and land ownership before 1788
Repression The act of keeping people under control, allowing them little freedom
Sacred site A site that is important to the spiritual or cultural beliefs of an indigenous group
Self determination The right of a group to choose and control its destiny and development
Stolen generation The name given to the generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander children who were forcibly removed from their families
Terra nullius Latin term meaning the land of no-one
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