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History Topic 5 Trends 2011

History Topic 5 Trends 2011

By In Flashcards On December 7, 2017

Question Answer
Architecture Becomes more suited to the Australian climate
Houses Become larger
Technology Transmits ideas quicker
Young people Challenged the views of their parents' generation and the government
Manufacturing and consumer boom Household appliances were less expensive, more efficient and smaller
Folk Music People like Bob Dylan showed the need for social change
Surf music Bob E.G. brought the craze to Australia
The Beatles Had a 1964 tour of Australia and revolutionized fashion, making long hair fashionable
Commercial Rock A form of protest music opposing the Vietnam War
Audio Tapes Made music cheaper and easier to access
Mod Fashion Emerged from London in the 1960s which rejected the 1950s with its style
Minis (Fashion) Linked with the introduction of the contraceptive pill and gave women the right to display their bodies in rebellion
Jacqueline Kennedy Influenced the style of the early 1960s with bill box hats and other fashion trends
Beehive A hairstyle introduced in 1958
Hippie Movement A movement defined by its anti-fashion, drug taking and psychedelic music
TV Shows American shows flooded Australian screens along with their British counterparts while Australian shows such as In Melbourne Tonight become more abundant
Movies Big budget technicolour, B-grade horror and beach party movies were introduced at this time
Theater, ballet and opera Were more popular than ever
Hair A 1969 rock opera which contained full frontal nudity
Sports Such as lawn bowls for the older generation, ten pin bowling and netball became popular
American style fast food Including KFC in 1961 emerged
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