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History(The American revolution)

History(The American revolution)

By In Flashcards On January 8, 2018

Question Answer
By the 18th century the British had 13 colonies in America,what were they? NewYork,
What is a revolution? A violent removal of the leadership or government of a contry
What was the Quartering act? The act stating that colonists had to pay for British soldiers in North America
What was the Stamp act? The act that put a tax on all legal documents, newspapers,wills and licenses
What was "No taxation without representation"? Americans believed that England had no right to impose taxes on Americans as they did not have a representative in west minister. The sons of liberty came up with this slogan
What was the Boston Massacre? When the British imposed taxes on a number of goods including tea. An angry crowd threw stones at the British soldiers and the soldiers then opened fire on the crowd
What did the British government do after the Boston Massacre? The allowed the East India company to sell tea directly to the government without tax
What was the Boston Tea Party? In December 1775, when Americans disguised themselves as Indians and dumped 342 crates of tea from British ships into Boston harbour
What were the years of the American war of independence? 1775-1781
What sparked the American war of independence? When General Gage heard that the colonists were storing weapons in Concord(A town in Boston)and took actions
What happened in Lexington and Concord battle on April 18 1775? 800 British soldiers marched toward Lexington and Concord. The British shot 8 and wounded 10 people. On their way back they were ambushed by the colonists and 273 British soldiers were killed or wounded. War had begun
How were the colonists aware of the British coming to Lexington and Concord? Paul Revere rode his horse warning people by shouting "to arms,the British are coming"
When and what was the Battle of Bunker hill? 17 June,1775. When 10,000 Massachusetts militiamen advanced on Boston and declared the city under siege. The British won this war
When and where was the Capture of Montreal? 13 November,1775. When the continental congress,meeting in Philadelphia organised a continental army under George Washington. They won this battle by invading and capturing Montreal
When was the battle of Saratoga and who won this battle? 7 October 1777. The Americans
When was George Washington born? Virginia 1732
When did George Washington die? Washington DC 1799
Who was George Washington? An American revolutionary leader and also the first president of the United States of America


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