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Middle East test

Middle East test

By In Flashcards On January 8, 2018

Question Answer
Pilgrimage a trip to a place that has special religious importance
Monothesim the belief that there is only one god
cilivan a person who is not a solider
terrorism violence directed against civilians in order to put pressure on governments
intifada an organized rebellion by the people of Palestine against Israel
Middle East has a — dry climate
Middle East is mostly covered by dersert
What are the most two valuable resources Water and oil
— is scacre Water
They sell oil to —– raise money to build desalination plants
The primary religon in the Middle East is ____________ Islam
Islam is _________ Monotheistic
____________is the main prophet Mohammed
______ is the holy book Koran
____ is the holy city Mecca
There are _____of Islam 5 pillars ( duties)
The duties are say prayers 5 times a day
The duties are state the faith
The duties are give money to the poor
The duties are go on pilgrimage to Mecca at least once (called Haj)
The duties are To go without food or water during the holy month of Ramadan
Mecca is located in Saudi Arabia
Muslims must pray when they face Mecca
US will face East
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