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Question Answer
why did brittan impose the townshend acts on the coloinists? Brittan needed money.
what are some of the effects of the protest on the stamp act? Patrick Henry spoke to the house of burgesses. the sons of liberty was formed. coloinists boycotted british goods
who was one of the first coloinists to speak out against the stamp act Patrick Henry
what was one of the most important effects on the colonies as a whole they started to unite as americans .
who orginised the sons of libetrty Samuel Adams
How did The Daughters of liberty helped the boycott on brittish goods? they made tea and wove cloth.
What was the pourpose of the commitee of corrispondence.? To share news among the colonies
How did the boston tea party express the views of many colonists? it showed that the colonists protested the tea tax.
What caused the brittish to pass the intolerable acts? The Boston Tea Party.
what did the intolerable acts include? The colonists had to feed and house the soldiers. the port of boston was closed. Massatuaetts was put under a brittish genral
What was colonist opposed to brittish rule? Patriot
who warned the colonists af a brittish attack? Paul Revire
who offered to lead men in battle for the relief of boston? Gorge washington
who led the colonists in the battle of bunker hill Willam prescott
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