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NOTES [3-5-2013]

NOTES [3-5-2013]

By In Flashcards On November 14, 2017

Question Answer
Saloons and Bars Symbolized? Political and Social Mechanisms
What were Saloon Keepers? Business Men
Corrupt Saloons ? These became the Spark for the Prohibition Movement
The Prohibition Movement? HOTTEST BUTTON issue of 19th Century AFTER Slavery
What happened in 1880? Amendment to the Constitution about Prohibition Nov. 1880 Caries by 8000 Votes and Passes Went into Effect on May 1, 1881 NOT like the Prohibition of the 1920's Striking Down SALES and MANUFACTURING
How long was KS a DRY STATE? 1881-1949
Argonia, KS? 1885 Women's Christian Temperance Movement (WCTM) Voice for LOTS of Social Movements Women Voting Locally (Bill of the 1880's) This RATTLES Argonia
Temperance VS Wetts? Wetts nominate Susanna Salter SWetts want to Confuse the TEMPERANCE by SPLITTING UP their Votes
What happens on April 4, 1887? Susanna Salter wins and becomes the Women Mayor Role of Women PREVALENT in 1890's
What happened in July of 1887? Crop LOSES because of Drought
What happened in the Winter of 1887? Herds are WIPED OUT
What is happening by 1889? Corn $ are DROPPING
What is happening by the 1890's? Collapse of the Economy DECLINE in Value DECLINE in Credit LAck and Fear of Investing
What happened in OCT. of 1892? Dalton Family (Dalton Gang) target Coffeyville Emit Dalton Survives and Jailed for LIFE then is Pardoned
What is happening in 1893? Chicago World's Fair Great White City
Fredrick Jackson Turner? Significant of Frontier on American History Clash between CIVILIZED and UNCIVILIZED is what makes America what it is There is a way someone could Escape, Strat Over, and Reinvent themselves Sees Immigration as a Problem KS DOESN'T have Energy anymore Things are CHANGING for KS
Populism? Has both a CAPITOL P and a LOWER CASE (p) CAPITOL P means Political Social Movement LOWERCASE (p) means ANY Movement that Rallies AGAINST Elite Celebration of the COMMON MAN
Farmers Alliance? Like the MODERN DAY Farmer's Chamber of Commerce Fighting AGAINST things that Hurt Farmers Support in Congress
-Banking Systems of CROPS
-AVOIDING Private Banking
John J Engells? Leader in KS Delegation Wyandotte Convention Coined phrase AD ASTRA PER ASPRA Senator since 1873 Women's Suffrage was NOT a big thing to him
August 1890's? The People's Party forms
People's Party? Also called POPULIST PARTY National RR Gold and Silver Income Tax DIDN'T see Government as a THEM Absolute Ownership Post Office People being IN CHARGE
Increasing $ supply? Means INCREASING METAL Bi Metalism> 2 Metals supporting our CURRENCY
Silver? Was like the METAL of the 99%
Election of 1890? 99 HOR SEATS for Populists
Simpson? Runs for CONGRESS on Populist Ticket and WINS
National Senators? We DIDN'T Have them UNTIL 1912 Senators chosen for us
William Peffer? Involved with Various areas of Reconstruction Takes on FARMER'S ISSUES Started the KS Farmer in 1881
What happened in 1892 National People's Part Formed
Omaha Platform of 1892? Tramps and Millionaires Graduated Income Tax
Mary Elizabeth Lase? One of the 1st FEMALE Lawyers here in KS Founder of Hipacia Club
Mary Lase Speech? Women FREE to BE IN Politics Country Standing UP for the Little Man Gave to Women's Christian Temperance Movement (WCTM)
What happened in 1892> Populists Challenge POLITICAL SYSTEM
Fusion Ticket? Parties FUSING together
Populist Convention? In Wichita Nomination
-Lorenzo Lewelling
-1st Populist Mayor
Republicans VS Populists? Republicans KICK OUT Populists Lewelling brings NATIONAL GUARD
-He is in FAVOR with Populists
Feb. 25, 1893?
-Supreme Court is in Favor with the Republicans
1896? BIG YEAR William Jennings Bryan VS William McKinley KS has 2nd Populist GOV
White? Buys Empria Gazette
1896? KS has 2nd Populist Governor
1898? Gerome Fidel Artist to Paint Women LINKING Arms and going AROUND the Rotunda People DIDNT like art Populist COVER UP his work
Leedy's Grave? NO sign of him Being Governor Only Masonic Symbols
W.W. Denshaw? Released Wizard of OZ
Wizard of OZ NAME? Supposedly came form 2 FILING Cabinets
Lion in Wizard of OZ? Some say he is William Jennings Bryan
Scarecrow in Wizard of OZ? Some say they are FARMERS
Shoes in Wizard of OZ? OG is Silver
Anti Populism in the Wizard of OZ? WIZARD could be from NEBRASKA
-OZ is the OPPOSITE of KS
Frank Bounds? OG Wizard of OZ Books
what was a Harvey House? This was a Way for Young Women to Serve This was also a Type of Restaurant Near the Railroads This Turned into a Form of Tourism
What did the Harvey House Start Up in KS? This started up Resorts Transportation/ Tourism Empire The Harvey Company began to Promote the South West Harvey Begins to Tap Into this Idea of Tourism
-Harvey Hotels
This was a KS Innovation
what was happening by the 1880's? Most County Seat Issues Settled
what was Happening in the 1870's? Rough and Tumble Cattle Trade
1880's? KS as a Victorian Civilization
What was Temperance? This did Look At the Alcohol Issue, but NOT Exclusively
Selling? You CAN'T just Sell Has to be Stored Somewhere Cooperation
-Farmers Co-owning Mills


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