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Practice for the Hero’s Journey

Practice for the Hero’s Journey

By In Flashcards On January 31, 2018

Term Definition
Status Quo the normal routine
Call to Adventure a mysterious message or challenge
Departure the Hero answers the call
Ordinary World The world the hero leaves to answer the call
Special World the world the hero must enter to answer the call
Trials the trouble life gives the hero. It could be monsters, escaping traps, answering riddles or more.
Approach the hero faces his worst monster yet, his/her worst fear
Crisis the Hero faces the darkest moment. Sometimes the hero even dies.
Rebirth the hero recovers from his crisis
Treasure the Hero conquers his/her worst fear and leaves with an item, key knowledge, wisdom, or power.
Result varies between stories
Return the hero enters back into the ordinary world
New Life the quest has changed the hero
Resolution because the hero has been changed, all the problems at the beginning of the story are sorted out.
New Normal the hero's status quo has been updated
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