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Review for quiz on the Symbols section of TN notebook

Review for quiz on the Symbols section of TN notebook

By In Flashcards On January 8, 2018

Question Answer
What is the state flower? iris
What is the state wild animal? raccoon
What do the Roman numerals XVI stand for on the Tennessee state seal? They represent the number 16 because Tennessee was the 16th state admitted to the Union.
What is Tennessee's state motto? Agriculture and Commerce
What are Tennessee's two state insects? ladybug and firefly
What is Tennessee's nickname? The Volunteer State
How did Tennessee get its nickname? So many men volunteered to fight in the War of 1812 that we received the nickname "The Volunteer State".
What do the three stars on the TN state flag represent? The three divisions of our state: East, Middle, and West Tennessee
What does the white circle around the stars on the state flag represent? That the three divisions of our state are united as Tennesseans.
What is Tennessee's state tree? tulip poplar
What is Tennessee's state bird? mockingbird
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