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social studies

social studies

By In Flashcards On November 14, 2017

Question Answer
James Armistead Slave who acted as a spy for Washington.
Haym Salomon Wealthy jewish patriot who loaned large sums of money to the war effort.
Yorktown Last real battle of the Revolution; Cornwallis surrendered.
Blockade Navy ships are used to keep merchant ships from entering or leaving harbors.
Privateer Privately owned ship outfitted with weapons.
Mercenaries Soldiers that are hired from another country; in this case the king of England hired hessians from Germany.
Inflation When it takes more and more money to buy the same amount of goods.
Recruit Getting men to enlist in the military.
Marquis de Lafayette Volunteer from France who wanted to join the battle for freedom.
Ambush Surprise attack.
Siege Forcing surrender by blocking movement of people and goods.
Bernardo de Galvez Spanish governor of Louisiana who had supplies shipped up the Mississippi to help the patriots against the British.
Ratify To officially approve something.
Wentworth Cheswell Free African american patriot who made a midnight ride to warm about British troop movements.
Valley Forge Where Washington and his troops wintered over in 1177-78; many died from exposure, disease, and starvation.
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