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The Industrial Age

The Industrial Age

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Question Answer
Consolidation Combining separate companies into one
Railroad Baron Powerful businessman who controlled the railroads
Standard Gauge The width of 4ft, 8.5 inches for railroad tracks
Labor Work
Rebate Discount or return of part of a payment
Pool Railroad Barons who made secret agreements and set railroad rates
Model-T America's first mass production car made by Ford Motor Company
Assembly Line A system with Machines and workers arranged so that each person performs an assigned task again and again
Transmit Send from one place to another
Mass Production The production of large quantities of goods using machinery and often an assembly line
Mechanism Mechanical Divice, the parts by which a machine operates
Corporation A company that sells shares or stock of its business to the public
Stock Shares of ownership a company sells in its business, often carry voting power
Shareholders A person who invests in a corporation by buying stock and is partial owner
Dividend A stockholder's share of a company's profits, usually a cash payment
Trust Group of companies managed by the same board of directors
Monopoly Total control of an industry by a single producer
Merger A combining of companies
Sweatshop Crowded and dangerous urban factories
Trade Union Organization of workers with the same trade
Collective Bargaining Discussion between employer and union representatives over pay, hours, and working conditions
Strikebreaker A person hired to replace a striking worker
Injunction A court order to stop an action, for expample: to stop a strike
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