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This is for my 7th Grade, 3rd period Class

This is for my 7th Grade, 3rd period Class

By In Flashcards On January 8, 2018

Question Answer
Corsicana First significant oil reserve discovered
East Texas and Gulf Coast Most of the oil/gas discovered between 1900-1940
Spindletop First oil boom in Texas 1901
West Texas Where most of the oil strikes were in the 1920s
Great Depression Brought on by overproduction and Stock Market crash
Overproduction and what it caused Too much produced causing prices to fall –government had to regulate
Lusitania British ship with Americans aboard-Germans sank it-cause of WW1
Zimmerman Telegram Sent by Germany to Mexico-promised to help get Mexican land back-cause of WW1
How Depression affected Texans Did not suffer as much in the beginning-Few invested in Stock Market-few industrial workers- already poor before Depression
Dust Bowl Drought brought on by over-plowing and no rain
Columbus M. Joiner discovered oil reserve in East Texas which was largest in world as of 1930
Anthony Lucas hit oil at Spindletop
Francisco “Pancho” Villa general in Mexican Revolution-became angry at the U.S. for recognizing his opponent
FDR U.S. President who introduced the New Deal to bring the U.S. out of Depression
Center for oil companies Houston
Correct sequence Spindletop, WW1, Stock Market crash, Dust Bowl
Boom Time of good economy causing boom towns when oil discovered
Derrick framework over an oil well to support drilling equipment
Geologist scientist-studies origin/history of earth
Wildcatter person who drills for oil in an area not known for oil
Allies WW1 Great Britain-France-Russia
Central Powers WW1 Germany-Austria-Hungary-Ottoman Empire
New Deal FDRs plan to get the U.S. out of the Great Depression
WPA program putting people to work during the Depression that built and improved buildings
Black Tuesday Oct 29,1929 Stock Market Crash
FDIC created to regulate banks, keeping people from losing money
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