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unit 3

unit 3

By In Flashcards On November 14, 2017

Question Answer
What are 5 components of the Acadian Economy? Hunting, fishing, trade with Micmac Indians, dikes for land irrigations
What 2 crops did the early Acadian settlers grow to make a living? Sugar cane and cotton
What 4 cultures make up the cajun culture? French, spanish, American Indians and africans
What is the name of the Cajun Country Region? Acadiana
What are the key features of Acadiana? it has 22 parishes, mainly catholic, and dominated by Cajun culture.
Who built the Cabildo in New Orleans? Spanish
Who used the Cabildo? The Governing body of Louisiana.
Who worked the farms in Louisiana? Slaves
When the need for food increased what happen to the need of slaves? it increased.
Who was part of the group called the "gens de couleur libres?" Free people of color who had more rights than free blacks in other areas of the south.
What could the gens de couleur libre group do under Spanish rule in New Orleans? They were allowed to own shops, plantations, slaves, and business. Some were even artist.
Under O'reilly's leadership name 3 illegal things that he let happen? overlooked illegal trade. land grants were offered to immigrants. slave were owned.
What type of leader was Cadillac? He was a mean and rude man.
Who was Cadillac's partner? Crozat
who did Cadillac replace as the leader? Bienville
How did the Mississippi Company make money off of Louisiana? through exclusive trade for Canada and Louisiana.
Why did Louisiana use secret trading post to trade with the English, Spanish and the locals? trading with the enemies was illegal.
Why did Louisiana have to use secret trading posts? because the French ships were slow at bringing supplies to Louisiana.
Why is New Orleans considered the perfect place in regards to the economy? A major trade port
Who was New Orleans named after? The Duke of Orleans
Iberville created the first successful colony where? Fort Maurepas
Who helped Iberville find the mouth of the Mississippi River? The Native American Indians
What were the Spanish explorers looking for in Louisiana? Gold and silver
How did Bienville improve relationships between the French and the American Indians? French settlers were encouraged to live with the Indians, learn their languages and customs and even trade goods with them.
How did the French settlers interact with the American indians? They were friendly
What did the American Indians trade for with the French settlers? manufactured goods.
How did the American indians help the French settlers? They were guides, taught them to farm the lands and protected them from attacks.
What did the British do to the Acadians? They kicked them out of Canada.
What 2 major things happened to New Orleans when the Spanish took it over. It became a major port; and a lot of smuggling happened.
What crop did the Spanish want planted in Louisiana? Tobacco
Was Tobacco profitable in Louisiana? yes , Louisiana made 10 times more money.
What 3 things did the French settlers offer to other people to get them to move to Louisiana? free land, safety from wars, and employment.
Why did the French settlers need more people to move to Louisiana? So they could keep their land.
How did Africans come to Louisiana? As slaves on ships.
What could the slaves do when the Spanish ruled NewOrleans? They worked on tobacco farms so they could pay for their freedom.
Why did the French explores want to do when they left France? To find a route to Asia.
What did the French explorer Lasalle accomplish? He explored Louisiana and claimed land for France.
What fort did the French explorer Lasalle create? Fort St. Louis
Why did La Salle create Fort St. Louis in Texas? He couldn't find the mouth of the Mississippi river.
Why did the settlers move from Fort Maurepas to Fort St. Louis? It had better farm land.
Why did the British kick the Acadians out of Canada? The Acadians sided against the British when war started.
What were the Acadians given when they came to Louisiana? Land to live on, animals and tools to use.
How did the Acadians live in Louisiana? on house boats, they hunted and fished for food.
What were the French and the British fighting each other for? They both wanted control over the Mississippi river.
Who took O'reilly's place as the Spanish Governor of Louisiana? Unzaga; nicknamed the cool uncle
What did Unzaga allow to happen under his rule? He allowed marriage between the French and the Spanish, The Spanish could learn French, and he was relaxed about trade.
What three things did John Law create for the French colonization? paper money, The Mississippi company, and the Government.
What made the Germans come to Louisiana? wars in Germany
What made the Caddos leave Louisiana? The French and Spanish wars.


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