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Term Definition
public opinion the ideas and attitudes that most people hold about elected officials, candidates, government, and political issues
mass media mechanisms of mass communication, including television, radio, newspaper, magazines, recordings, movies, and books
interest group a group of people who share a point of view about an issue and unite to promote their beliefs
public opinion poll a survey in which individuals are asked to answer questions about particular issue or person
pollster a specialist whose jobs is to conduct polls regularly
print media newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and books
electronic media radio, television, and the internet
public agenda issues considered most significant by government officials
leak the release of secret government information by anonymous government officials to the media
prior restraint government censorship of material before it is published
libel written untruths that are harmful to someone's reputation
malice evil intent
public interest group an organization that supports cause that affects the lives of Americans in general
nonpartisan free from party ties or bias
political action committee political organization established by a corporation, labor union, or other special-interest group designed to support candidates to public office
lobbyist representatives of an interest group who contacts lawmakers or other government officials directly to influence their policy making
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