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Causes of the Decline of Feudalism

Causes of the Decline of Feudalism

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Feudalism was a new system of authorities brought to Western Europe from France by William the Conqueror. William was born in France and by clip, he was able to turn out himself in wars. As a consequence he gained the trust of the childless male monarch of England, Edward the Confessor, whose female parent was a sister of William ‘s gramps and who subsequently promised him the throne of England. However, when the male monarch died, Harold, Earl of Wessex was crowned king which frustrated the immature William and got him to get down be aftering a retaliation to derive what he thought to be truly his ( biography.com ) . After really taking over England, William willed to set a strong authorities that would assist him govern, so he introduced feudal system. In this system, the male monarch granted land to his most of import Lords, in return for their part of soldiers for his ground forces. In the same manner the Lords would allow the knights land in return for their trueness. The provincials were the lowest society in that feudal system. In exchange for life and working on his land, each Godhead offered his provincials protection ( Annenberg scholar ) .

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http://totallyhistory.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/William-the-Conquerer.jpgSince feudal system was based on hierarchy, it was an unfair system ( Kenneth Jupp, chapter 2 ) . Peoples were born into societal categories that they could non alter until their decease. For whoever was born a provincial ever stayed a provincial and whoever was born a baronial ever kept that rubric no affair how hapless he was. In add-on, in feudal system there were no specific regulations a individual had to stay with so there was a batch of pandemonium and corruptness. Neither, were there any limitations for the power of the male monarch. Many of such consequences built up the people’s choler against feudal system. totallyhistory.com

Black Death

The Black Death’s Arrival in Western Europe:

One of the chief grounds of the diminution of feudal system was Black Death, besides known as the bubonic pestilence, which spread across Europe in the old ages 1346-1353. It is believed to hold foremost emerged in China before making Western Europe through the Silk Road, which was used for trading ( Philip Ziegler, 13 ) . The Black Death was a pestilence, a bacteria that was passed on from wild gnawers and fleas. Countries around Western Europe were thriving faster and they had an purpose to happen a remedy for this pestilence, yet on the other manus Western Europe cared less for their hygiene, taking to the presence of more rats and fleas. It was truly common during the Middle Ages for people to travel without alteration of apparels or a bath for over a month. As a consequence, the relentless disease spread so fast among their population.

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Influence of the Plague on the Society

Peoples were truly baffled and tired of this black disease. A batch of people went to churches for remedy. Some people beat themselves as they believed it was a penalty from God. Since one tierce of the European population perished because of the pestilence, the figure of provincials decreased, and the Godheads were despairing for labourers on their lands. Bing needed by most of the Godheads, provincials became of importance. Once they got that chance, the hapless provincials who hardly had money to feed themselves, started demanding higher rewards ( Benedictow ) . The Masterss, unable to make the occupation themselves started back uping them with excess

http://images.nationalgeographic.com/wpf/media-live/photos/000/033/cache/plague-painting_3338_600x450.jpgmoney. Peasants, nevertheless, still wanted a alteration and they started to turn against the Lords. As a consequence the system of hierarchy bit by bit started altering.

Political Changes

Developments of Politicss:

Although there were many grounds for the diminution of feudal system in Europe, the chief 1s originated in England. This was started by King Henry II, male monarch of England, who reigned from 1154 until 1189. Since at that clip there was a batch of bias among Lords, they would incarcerate people or put to death them for no legal ground, Henry focused on seting an terminal to this state of affairs. However, as a consequence of Henry’s attempt to beef up his royal power, he wrote a papers that stated the king’s traditional power, which caused a struggle with the Catholic Church ( Marc Bloch, 61 ) . The Catholic Church was ever equal to the male monarch but with this new fundamental law, Henry put them on a lower rank. After Henry’s decease, his boy John became King, but he did non derive the people’s favour for excessively long before he started losing land the British controlled in France and implementing heavy revenue enhancements on his people. These actions angered the Lords and they forced John to set his seal on the Magna Carta, a papers they wrote with the ballots of the populace, to set bounds to the king’s power and add the rights and autonomies to the public people. King John’s grandson started a new way by set uping the Model

Parliament. This regulating system was a merely system, including low-ranks, high-ranks, Church clergies, and Lords.

Impact of Political Changes on Feudalism

http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02439/BM4BMK_2439855b.jpgAll of these male monarchs together added portion of the mystifier that lead to the diminution of feudal system. The Magna Carta promised a set of Torahs that established rights and autonomies of all people. In add-on, the functions of the juries were strengthened after Henry II reforms. Last, all the citizens got voices in the authorities and started being treated every bit for Edward’s Model Parliament. All of these alterations added up to get down the beginning of democracy.

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Hundred Old ages of War

War Status:

In early old ages, conflicts took topographic point between England and France, and England, even though outnumbered, normally won and gained their land. However, France was determined to derive back its land and, so the first war broke out between France and England. The Gallic soldiers had heavy armours, blades, and spears which made it difficult to travel. On the other manus, the British had light armours, and longbows which flew faster and more accurately. As a consequence, the English one time once more defeated the much larger Gallic force. However, France did non give up, this clip they met the English with great finding and opposition. One of the chief grounds for that strong opposition was the Gallic inspiration, Joan of Arc, a 17-year old miss who stated that she saw saints promoting her to travel battle for her state. She really fought amongst the soldiers and led triumphs. However, she was captured by the English who burnt her. The Gallic felt her pressing them to triumph and they defeated the English and drove them out of France.

Consequence of the Hundred Years of War

To carry through the demand of each male monarch for soldiers, they each started to utilize common mans to contend. With the new military techniques, such as guns and hiting Fe balls from cannons and much more, even common mans would contend volitionally for the interest of their state. The advantage of utilizing the common people lead to two effects. First, there was less demand for knights, a major portion of hierarchy,

and Lords who supported the ground forces with them. Second, promoting the common mans to contend led to patriotism, their trueness to their state, which besides shifted power from the male monarch and Lords, as now the common mans were working to construct their state non their male monarch or Lords ( Seward, Desmond ) . However, those common mans were forced to contend while paying higher revenue enhancements, and those who could digest were small, so they were of higher demand later and that gained them even more influence.



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